How Does The Dermal Filler Price In The Philippines Compare With Australia And New Zealand?


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The Dermal Filler price in the Philippines is one of the lowest, so if you do find yourself in the country for a holiday or other reason, why not take advantage of the great deals available.

Price At Home

In Australia and New Zealand, dermal filler treatment is relatively expensive. The prices can vary a lot depending on the brand of Dermal Filler, the amount needed, and the area being treated. However, patients generally pay around $500-$2000AUD ($550-$2200NZD) for their treatment.

A good idea, to get the most accurate figures, is to request a free quote form a Dermal Filler specialist in your country. You can then compare this to the prices in the Philippines

Price In The Philippines

In the Philippines, you will only have to pay around a third of the price in Australia and New Zealand. This is because the country’s low cost of living makes everything extremely affordable and allows clinics to operate with very low expenses. A typical patient would need to pay $100-$600AUD($110-$660NZD) for their treatment.


The Savings

If you are going to be in the Philippines for a holiday or business trip then why not take advantage of this price difference. This will allow you to save some money instead of just spending it.

You will be looking at paying around $400-$1400AUD ($440-$1540NZD) less than you would at home. This is a nice sum that can be put towards your travel expenses. For those that need other cosmetic treatment as well (such as Botox) the savings can add up even more. So, why overpay at home if you already have plans to visit the country for a vacation or business?

Which Clinics Are The Best Deal

There are many excellent clinics located in the Philippines. Most of these are located in Manila, which is the country’s biggest city and has the best medical infrastructure. Manila is also very convenient for travelers as most arrive and depart from the city’s international airport or spend some time there on their travels.

Clinics where you can pay these low prices and get high-quality service include Body Accents , Dr. Joel Nicdao Clinic , and the Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic Lifestyle Solution . These are modern facilities with highly trained cosmetic professionals. The staff speaks excellent English, and you will have no problems getting treatment tailored to your needs.

To find out more about these clinics have a look at their pages on our website. It's here that you will be able to read a Dermal Filler review. Philippines clinics have had good feedback left for them.


Now you know the truth about the Dermal Filler price in the Philippines. You will be able to get high-quality treatment while also saving a nice sum. This is why we recommend putting it on your list of potential destinations if it is not already.