How is nose reshaping in Bangkok?


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If your nose is too big, too small or even crooked, nose reshaping in Bangkok will help you have the nose that will balance your facial features and make you look better. With affordable medical and cosmetic treatment, Bangkok is a popular medical tourism destination globally.


How is nose reshaping performed?


A nose job, rhinoplasty or nose reshaping can be done in various ways. If your nose is too large, then surgery is the only option as the bone and cartilage will need to be reshaped. Surgery can also improve the appearance of a crooked nose and help make it symmetrical. Surgery may be required if you want your nostrils made smaller.


If your nose is too small, and depending on the amount of work needed, you can opt for surgery or a non-surgical alternative by way of dermal fillers. If dermal fillers are the treatment of choice, then the tip of the nose can be made bigger by injecting it with dermal fillers. Even bumps and unevenness in the nose can be corrected by dermal fillers. Check out nose reshaping before and after photos to see what kind of difference nose reshaping can make. It also best to seek a plastic surgeon’s advice regarding which procedure will be right for you depending on your goals.

What is the cost of nose reshaping in Bangkok?


A nose reshaping procedure can be fairly expensive in your country of residence where you can pay around AUD8,000 (NZD8,346, £4,694, €5,355, US$6,069 CAD7,888) for a surgical rhinoplasty. The same procedure in Bangkok will cost you around AUD2,225 (NZD2,321, £1,305, €1,489, US$1,688, CAD2,193). If dermal fillers are required, the rate will be much lower.


Even when you factor in the cost of travel, stay, food, entertainment and other expenses, you will still have significant savings, making it cost effective to go to Thailand for plastic surgery.


Recommended clinics for nose reshaping in Bangkok


Bangkok is full of cosmetic clinics and you really don’t want to simply walk into one before putting your homework in place. However, when you book through Medical Departures, you are safe because we do our research, verify the clinics, check the qualifications of the doctors, ensure that the clinics have high quality amenities and offer international treatment standards. To add to all this, we also offer the best price guarantee. Among our recommended Bangkok clinics for nose reshaping are:


Yanhee Hospital Health & Beauty – this is a popular hospital that sees large numbers of patients from all over the globe, attracted by its reputation. It is a multi-specialty hospital that offers all kinds of medical treatments as well as cosmetic ones. It is JCI accredited as well.

Rajdhevee Clinic The Mastery – the clinic has been around for 39 years and the doctors here offer a wide range of beautifying treatments including nose reshaping. Many of the doctors have international affiliations.

Lelux Hospital – the hospital offer state of the art amenities, provides all kind of plastic surgeries thanks to its team of 10 surgeons and at an affordable price.


Once you have had your nose reshaping in Bangkok, you will be thrilled with the improvement in your appearance. Book with Medical Departures at the preferred clinic of your choice.

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