How medical tourism in Tijuana is helping Americans


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The Changing Philosophy of Buying Medical Treatments

If you are an American, you are no doubt very proud of your country. Americans are some of the most loyal and patriotic people on Planet Earth. It really is a great thing, but sometimes you have to look outside of the nation for answers, especially if you are looking for low-cost options for medical tourism. Tijuana’s clinics are now offering a vast selection of cosmetic and medical treatments that are across the board 65% cheaper than in the USA.

If you take into consideration, for example, breast augmentation hospitals in Tijuana , you can not only get the same high standards as back home, but also save in the region of 63%, which is massive with the amount of money these kind of procedures cost. These discounted prices we are currently seeing in Mexico are changing the way that Americans purchase their medical treatments, and you seriously need to understand how much this can help you personally.

Convenient Medical Tourism Options

The main factor why visiting Mexico for your medical treatments is so great is because of the convenience for American patients. Facelift hospitals in Mexico are not just some of the cheapest in the world, but also offer the nearest options for Americans who want to save a small fortune. There are lots of world-class clinics in Mexican border towns right along the south, but if you live in California and are looking for the most convenient options for medical tourism, Tijuana is the ultimate choice.


Just a short drive over the Mexican-American border in California and you can find some world-class clinics with unbeatable deals. If you want to find the most reliable and popular clinics with an affordable medical price, Tijuana clinics such as Ricardo Vega Montiel , Advanced Health Medical Center , Anti-Aging Wellness Clinic offer amazing deals.

Saving Lots of Money

The best way Americans can take advantage of the Mexican medical tourism scene is to purchase high-end cosmetic treatments where you can save the most money. One of the most life-changing and expensive cosmetic treatments is breast augmentation. Here is an example of the affordable prices for breast augmentation in Mexico: US $4,000 (CAN $5,015; UK £3,076; Euro €3,434; Aus $5,029; NZ $5,379), compared to the prices in the US $ 12,500 (CAN $15,673; UK £9,621; Euro €10,765; Aus $18,000; NZ $19,271).

If you are an American looking for affordable options for your Medical Tourism, Tijuana in Mexico offers high-end treatments performed to international standards for prices that are simply unbeatable.

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