Over the years, the skin around your eyes might lose its elasticity and suppleness and you end up with droopy eyelids. This can make you appear older than you are. Thankfully, you have the ideal solution for rolling back the years and looking younger by opting for blepharoplasty. The only issue is that the cost of the procedure in the US and Canada is quite high. On average, patients spend around USD $6,318 (CAD $7,713) on the treatment. In comparison, the blepharoplasty procedure cost in Mexico City is less than half of that.

Mexico City is a popular medical tourism destination for not just people from the US and Canada but from other parts of the world as well. You can find a range of cosmetic treatments here at low prices. The best part is that you don’t have to compromise on quality or safety. Even the top clinics keep the blepharoplasty procedure cost in Mexico City low in a bid to attract more patients. Therefore, you can benefit from the significant difference in price and get the procedure at a much lower cost than you would back home.

Speaking of the top clinics, here is an overview of the prices for blepharoplasty in Mexico City at the best clinics:


As you can see, the clinics charge you a fraction of the amount you have to spend back home. You can reduce the cost by up to 75% and that too without sacrificing the quality of the treatment. However, there remains the small matter of selecting a clinic where you can get the procedure.

Medical Departures Can Help

You can conveniently find reliable information on the top blepharoplasty clinics in Mexico City on Medical Departures. The website offers pricing lists in addition to all the information you could require about a clinic. For instance, you can find the list of procedures and treatments they offer. Since the cost is low, you can opt for multiple treatments. Most significantly, the online reviews offer images for blepharoplasty, before and after. Mexico City welcomes thousands of patients every year for different cosmetic procedures and the clinics take before and after pictures.

These pictures give you a realistic idea of what to expect from the procedure. You can get a clear picture of the effect of the blepharoplasty, before and after. Mexico City offers the procedure at a low price, which means that you can give other factors more importance when choosing a clinic.

Enjoy a Short Vacation

You can use the money you are saving on the procedure to enjoy a short vacation in Mexico City. The city offers all the amenities and facilities you need for a comfortable stay. More importantly, there is plenty to see and do here and you will have a great time.

The bottom-line is that the blepharoplasty procedure cost in Mexico City is significantly lower than in the US and Canada. Hence, you should definitely consider this option.