How much will it cost for body lift in Mexico?


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Body lift is the surgical procedure to remove excess fat and skin from areas like abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Under the effects of general anesthesia, an incision is given at the surgical site to remove the fatty areas completely. The area is then contoured and sutured back to give a new shape and tone. After the surgery is complete, a tight dressing is applied to prevent swelling. A drain may be kept attached to the surgical site to drain excess inflammatory fluid. Complete physical rest after the surgery is necessary for proper recovery.

Before you undergo the surgery, you should have two important points in mind:

First, you do need to discuss your aims and goals with the doctor. Secondly, you should inform the surgeon specifically about your medical health and habits.


The cost of body lift is extremely high in western countries. The average expenses could be around USD 24,906 (AUD 33,014,NZD 35,420,CAD 33,617,GBP 19,447,EUR 23,221)

Mexico is home to renowned body lift clinics offering top-quality medical care at an affordable cost.

Dr. Allan Ceballos Pressler : Located in Zapopan, Mexico, Dr. Allan is a specialized body lift surgeon. With more than 20 years experience and along with his highly qualified team, he provides the safest and most successful cosmetic procedures to his patients at an affordable cost. Cost: USD7400(9809AUD,10524NZD,9988CAD,5778GBP,6899EURO)

Dr. Luis Hector Torres Lopez , associated with Hospital San Javier Marina at Puerto Vallarta is a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in body lift surgery. It is also one of the most affordable clinics providing body lift at an unimaginable cost of USD701-941 (941-1247AUD, 1010-1338NZD,958-1270CAD,554-735GBP,662-877EURO)

Dr. Mauricio Trevino is one of the most reputable specialist surgeons at Doctors' Hospital, Monterrey, Mexico. Dr. Trevino performs highly advanced body lift surgeries in both national and international clients with incredible care. The body lift cost is around USD 7200 (9544AUD,10239NZD,9718CAD,5622GBP,6713EURO)

Centro Medico de las Americas is one of the oldest facilities for body lift surgeries in Mexico. Dr. Navarro is the principal surgeon and along with his highly qualified team he is able to satisfy his patients after completion of the procedure. Cost of the procedure is around USD 4,250 - 9,500(AUD 5,634 - 12,593, NZD 6,044 - 13,510, CAD 5,737 - 12,823, GBP 3,319 - 7,418, EUR 3,963 - 8,857)

Luz Del Carmen Lopez is a reputable hospital with more than 30 years of experience; this is the go-to clinic for many international and national patients visiting Cancum. The surgeons are internationally trained and certified to carry out all cosmetic and aesthetic surgical procedures.USD 4,800 - 6,000(AUD 6,363 - 7,953,NZD 6,826 - 8,533,CAD 6,479 - 8,099, GBP 3,748 - 4,685, EUR 4,475 - 5,594).

If your view our website in detail, especially the body lift review page, you can easily understand how satisfied our clients are with the results. Body lift before and after pictures show significant changes and will indeed motivate you to finalize your decision to get the surgery done. Now you know about the body lift cost. Mexico offers a great destination at fantastic prices. Get in touch with Customer Care for more information, or to book an appointment.

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