How to Have a Speedy Recovery from Liposuction in Guadalajara


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Sometimes, our best efforts to lose weight through diet and exercise doesn’t seem to give us the results we expect. But now we can choose to have a liposuction procedure. Guadalajara ’s plastic surgery clinics offer a great option to get your surgery and get-away-from-it-all. Here’s some tips for a speedy recovery:

Avoid Heaving Lifting

This is especially important in the first 24 hours after the liposuction, when you might feel more tired than usual. You should avoid lifting heavy items and other daily strenuous activities. Having someone with you will help you in this regard. The smoother your liposuction recovery, the shorter it will be.

Keep the Compression Garment on for 2-4 weeks

In most cases, the surgeon places a compression garment around the area of the patient’s body which was operated on. This garment keeps the wound closed, enhancing the healing process. So it’s best that you keep this garment on for 2 to 4 weeks (confirm with your surgeon for exact duration).


Get a Lot of Rest

Depending on the amount of fat that was removed and from what areas, you would have to avoid complete workouts for 10 to 15 days after the procedure. The more you rest, the more energized you will be and the better your body will heal.

Stop Smoking and Drinking

Smoking slows the healing process while alcohol causes dehydration which negatively affects your overall health, making it difficult for your scars to heal. So you should avoid these two things for a speedy recovery.

Eat More Protein

You need to add a lot of more protein in your diet. That’s because proteins build blocks that help with skin regeneration.

Take Some Pain Meds

Make sure to confirm the medications with your surgeon. You will probably be told not to use NSAIDs as they increase bleeding.

Use Creams Containing Arnica

Applying creams that contain Arnica will help speed up the healing of your swelling and bruising.

Do Some Light Exercise</>

This will tone and develop your muscles, while also helping you regain your skin’s elasticity.

Use Ice and Elevation

Ice and elevations helps lingering pain and swelling. Your body might treat the affected area as an injury and try to “fight it”. So you should ease the transition using ice packs and/or elevating the area above your heart.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions

Whatever you do, it’s always best to confirm it with your surgeon. This is in addition to following specific instructions from the surgeon. Don’t cut corners regarding these instructions!

So, now you know how to have a speedy recovery from liposuction. Many people travel to Guadalajara for liposuction because it costs much less there. On average, it costs USD $6,000 in the US and just USD $2,500 in Guadalajara. If you need liposuction, review Guadalajara’s top clinics such as Jenny Bracamontes Blanco , Juan Gordillo and

Dr. Allan Ceballos Pressler . They provide the best liposuction procedure Guadalajara has to offer.

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