How to make the most of your breast implant surgical holiday in Quezon. Check the low breast implant cost Quezon!


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But worry not, Medical Departures is here to guide you through your breast implant journey! Make the most of you holiday vacation in Quezon by following this guide!

What do breast implants require?

To be ready for the breast implants procedure, you are going to have to do some bodily preparations:

  • Avoid medications that cause increased bleeding like aspirin
  • Have nutritious diet with low salt. Intake plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean foods for a better recovery process!
  • And to avoid complications, avoid smoking.

What happens during the breast implant procedure?

Breast implant procedures involve incisions on certain areas of the breasts. The locations depend on your arrangement with the doctor; the incisions can be made by the areolar edges, under the fold of the breast, or by the armpit. Once the incisions are made, the implants are then inserted. The incisions are sutured together afterwards.

What about after the procedure?

Make sure there’s someone ready to assist you after the procedure. You are going to need someone, especially on the first night, to provide you all that you need. Loose clothing is advised for maximum comfort.


What to do in Quezon?

Quezon City is one of the largest cities in the Philippines, and in the vast urban landscape of Metro Manila, you’ll have plenty of tourist destinations to choose from while you’re on your vacation! Marvel at the historic and cultural sites such as the Quezon City Memorial Circle, and the Quezon Heritage House, or have a stroll around the La Mesa EcoPark and appreciate nature’s beauty through butterfly trails and its natural water reservoir. Enjoy the live art scene of Quezon in the Jorge B. Vargas Museum and in the interactive Art in Island art museum.

How much is the average rate for breast implants?

The average prices of breast implant procedures can be seen in the table below.


























Here are recommended Medical departures clinics for you!

Arnold Angeles is situated in the St Luke's Global medical facility. Dr. Arnold Angeles is a renowned plastic and reconstructive specialist. He provides quality care and treatment to both local and international patients. In the St. Luke’s Global medical facility, Dr. Arnold Angeles is able to make use of state-of-the-art equipment and perform innovative procedures.

With this guide, Medical Departures has enlightened you of what to expect on your breast implant surgical holiday—the preparations, the top sites to see, and of course the astounding breast implants cost. Quezon City offers the best in all aspects. What are you waiting for? Book now through Medical Departures!

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