How to Maximize Savings on Your Breast Enlargement Holiday to Phuket


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Get a General Sense of the Breast Enlargement Price Phuket Offers

Start off by getting a general sense of how much the breast enlargement will cost you in Phuket. And you need to compare them to the average price in your home country. This would have been a tiresome process. But we’ve already done the math, so you don’t have to. Check out the price comparison:

Breast enlargement price in Australia: AUD $16,500

Breast enlargement price in New Zealand: NZD $18,300

Breast enlargement price in Phuket: AUD $5,000 / NZD $5,550

So on average you can save 57% of the cost which easily translates into more than ten thousand dollars.

Compare Prices in Top Clinics

In addition to knowing the overall prices in Phuket, you can maximize your savings by getting an estimate from the top clinics in Phuket you’re considering. Again, Medical Departures is here to help. Here’s the price range for breast enlargement at two of the top plastic surgery clinics in Phuket:

Rest assured that if you choose the top clinics such as these, you not only maximize your savings but ensure you get top-quality breast enlargement in Phuket.


Look at Other Factors Besides the Cost of Surgery

To maximize your savings on your breast enlargement holiday in Phuket, you need to consider things other than the surgery cost. For instance, you need to consider which clinic is more easily accessible from your hotel. The traveling can cost you in terms of both money and time.

Moreover, you should make all your arrangements in advance, well in time before traveling. If you leave more things till the last hour you will be forced to rush and may end up paying more. From plane tickets to hotel prices you’re more likely to get lowest prices and discounts if you have more time to plan your holiday.


Stick to Your Plan Once You Land in Phuket

Don’t forget that Phuket is a popular tourist destination. Some people may approach you with “amazing deals” related to hotels and even clinics. You need to stick to your plan; don’t get confused. Once you’ve done your homework you should be confident that you’ve made the most cost-effective plans for your breast enlargement holiday to Phuket. No need to be impressed by other last minute “offers” as you arrive in Phuket. Having said that, feel free to explore this beautiful destination.

So, are you ready to make the best breast enlargement Phuket has to offer? Read about the two clinics listed above. Because in addition to maximizing your savings, you need to get your breast enlargement done at one of the best clinics in Phuket.