How to Save the Most on a Trip to Costa Rica for a Nose Job


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A nose job can cost a fortune in the US and Canada. And unless you need it for a medical purpose and not just for cosmetic reasons, your insurance won’t cover it. This is why many people in these countries who need a nose job look for cheaper alternatives elsewhere. Costa Rica is one of the destinations that attracts those looking for an affordable nose job. At Medical Departures we collate relevant and reliable information about the best clinics, including patient reviews and nose job before and after photos. Costa Rica is a great place for a medical holiday, but just how do you save the most money on a trip to Costa Rica for a nose job ? Let’s take a look.

Understand the Prices

As mentioned above, the difference in prices is the main reason why people make the trip to a Costa Rica surgeon for their nose job . To maximize your savings, the first thing you should do is get a sense of the cost of the procedure, both in your home country and Costa Rica. This way when you get a personalized quote from a particular clinic, you can see how high or low the place is charging you. Check out the cost comparison:

Cost of nose job in the US: USD $8,800

Cost of nose job in Canada: CAD $11,240

Cost of nose job in Costa Rica: USD $3,600 / CAD $4,576


Rest assured that these low prices don’t mean you’re settling for lower quality. There are some excellent surgeons in Costa Rica that’ll correct the shape of your nose to your liking. Feel free to look at nose job before and after photos that Costa Rica’s clinic offers. Clinics such as Clinica Unibe offer the best combination of low cost and high quality cosmetic surgery.

Ask for Special Offers

Don’t by shy to ask for any special offers that a clinic may be offering in Costa Rica. Just because you’re saving thousands of dollars in any case, doesn’t mean you can’t ask for any special discounts.

Travel in Off-Season

Traveling in off-season means you spend less on airfare as well as hotels. The prices go down as the summer crowns disappear. Feel free to plan your nose job medical holiday in Costa Rica during the winter; you’ll enjoy some deep discounts at hotels and airlines.

You can save additional money and maximize your savings by benefiting from the lower off-season prices. The lack of crowds also means you can relax better as you recover from your nose job surgery.

If you want to save money in Costa Rica without compromising on the quality of your nose job, review Costa Rica’s top clinic Clinica Unibe. Founded in 2003, the modern clinic is open 7 days a week, catering to international patients such as you.

Before you finalize your medical holiday, remember to read patient reviews and look at nose job before and after photos. Costa Rica and it’s affordable yet brilliant surgeons await you.

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