How to Secure a Cheap Tummy Tuck Price in Cancun


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Affordable tummy tucks are available in Cancun—a welcome alternative to prices across America, Canada, and Northern Europe. Traveling abroad for treatments is one way to find a bargain without lowering the quality of care you receive. Cancun is a purpose-built resort famed for its beauty, sunshine, and beaches, so it makes perfect sense to combine inexpensive cosmetic surgery with a visit to this resort town .

Medical Tourism in Cancun

Every year thousands of North American patients fly into Cancun to undergo affordable cosmetic treatments, saving significant money on the cost of treatment in the US or Canada. Cancun has a selection of 5-star resorts, quality restaurants, and dreamy beaches. Local holiday attractions include the Cancun Underwater Museum, Xcaret Park, the Maya Cancun Museum, and the ancient Coba ruins. Combined with the world-class specialty hospitals and clinics in Cancun , you can see why this is a popular medical tourism destination.

Recommended Clinics in Cancun

Cancun has many affordable, high-quality clinics. Medical Departures has researched every facet of the local medical tourism industry to be able to recommend facilities for your tummy tuck in Cancun that operate to the highest standards. We undertake checks on the doctor’s qualifications, verify legal documents, and even make on-site visits to every clinic listed.


Cancun has a handful of clinics that not only specialize in dealing with North American patients but also offer prices at half the price of those in America. As such, Cancun is a popular destination for Medical Departures’ patients, who have recommended the following clinics:

Affordable Tummy Tucks in Cancun

Tummy tucks in Cancun are much less expensive than in the US or Canada. You can save over 50%, as shown in the comparison table below:








Cost of Tummy Tuck in Home Country







Cost of Tummy Tuck in Cancun







Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.

Getting Started

Medical tourism in Mexico is booming and affordable tummy tucks in Cancun are delivered in high-quality clinics. You can book your appointment conveniently and quickly directly with us online, or feel free to contact our Customer Care Team with any additional questions. We look forward to serving you!


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