How To Select A Top Clinic For Nose Reduction In Penang


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1. Know The Facts About The Surgery

Before you even start looking for a clinic make sure you know all the facts about the surgery. A good idea is to consult a doctor in your home country before deciding to get the surgery abroad. We will also give you the lowdown on the procedure.

Basically, this surgery aims to give patients a smaller nose which will look more in proportion to their other facial features. To achieve this, a surgeon make incisions into the nose and then removes bone or cartilage. They will then do any reshaping necessary before closing the incisions.

After the procedure, most people find that the recovery time for major swelling is around three weeks. Some patients may need to wait a few months before all swelling and discomfort end.

2. Look For A Modern Facility

You don't want to be visiting a clinic that looks decades out of date. While this is very unlikely to happen in Penang, it does pay to make sure you are visiting the most up to date facility possible. Make sure your clinic has the latest medical equipment, is highly modern, and looks just like a clinic you would visit in your home country.

3. Seek Out The Skilled Surgeons

Of course, you want your nose reduction surgeon to really know what they are doing. Make sure you select a clinic with a great one. Check their qualifications, years practicing, memberships to medical associations, and have a read of some reviews from their previous patients.


4. Check For Competitive Prices

You will find that you can get competitive prices for nose reduction in Penang’s clinics. Have a look at the tables below to see the approximate nose reduction cost. Penang’s clinics will allow you to save thousands.


Price in Australia (AUD)

Price in Penang (AUD)

Savings (AUD)

Nose Reduction





Price in New Zealand (NZD)

Price in Penang (NZD)

Savings (NZD)

Nose Reduction




From a different country? Our clinics’ pages show prices in 21 different currencies.

5. Consider Our Verified Surgery Provider

Why you're trying to make your decision, don't forget to check out our verified nose reduction clinic in Penang. This is the Klinik Loh Surgery . It was founded by Dr. Loh Lay Soon, an excellent surgeon, with 25 years experience and international training (in the USA, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore).

You will find that this clinic has been through our extensive verification process to determine its quality. This includes checking qualifications of the medical team, a site visit, and interviews with previous patients.


If you haven't already have a read of a nose reduction review. Penang has had many satisfied customers to its modern and affordable clinics. Hopefully, you are the next person to leave behind a great review of your experiences.

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