Is Costa Rica The Right Place To Get A Facelift?


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You may be surprised by a relatively unknown location which has received many good facelift reviews. Costa Rica is a Central American country that has developed into a good location to get facelift surgery. This is due to the low prices and the quality of the surgeons. Read on to learn more about whether this country is the right place for you.

Daydreaming About A New Reflection

If you're looking in the mirror and being let down then its time to fight back against the aging process. Facelift surgery is one of the most effective ones to improve your appearance. The procedure involves the skin of the face being tightened and re-draped. This eliminates saggy areas, fat deposits, and creases, while restoring youthful contours. After the surgery is finished and you have recovered from the procedure, you will look years younger and have your beauty greatly enhanced.

Capitalise On An Upcoming Medical Destination

Costa Rica might not be the most well-known location. However, it is gradually making itself a name as an up and coming medical tourism destination. There is a range of first-world clinics catering specifically to western patients. These clinics have English-speaking doctors and the latest medical technology.


Get In Why The Prices Are So Affordable

Facelift surgery isn't cheap. Many people simply can't afford the extreme prices in the US and Canada. Costa Rica is the complete opposite. You will only have to pay a fraction of the cost and be able to save thousands. This is because the country’s weaker economy means clinics can run with very low operational expenses. Have a look at the tables below for the facelift price in Costa Rica .


Price in the US (USD)

Price in Costa Rica (USD)

Savings (USD)

Facelift Surgery





Price in Canada (CAD)

Price in Costa Rica (CAD)

Savings (CAD)

Facelift Surgery




These savings are huge! They can cover all your travel expenses and still leave plenty left over for other things. Instead of getting a loan or maxing out your credit cards on high prices, just take a trip to Costa Rica.

Select From A Range Of High-Quality Clinics In San Jose

It's not just the prices that are excellent. Costa Rica has a range of excellent clinics that are run by top surgeons, such as Pablo Solis , Gustavo Chavarria , and Arnoldo Fournier . What’s great is these surgeons are highly skilled at facelift surgery, speak English, and operate using the best medical technology.

All these surgeons are located in San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, and largest city. This city has the most developed medical infrastructure, and its international airport is the arrival point for many visitors to the country. This makes it an ideal location to get your facelift surgery.


Get motivated by having another read of a facelift review. Costa Rica makes an ideal location for people who want to save thousands while also getting high-quality surgery. So keep doing your research to determine if it is the right destination for you.