Is It Worth Having Laser Hair Removal Treatments In Kuala Lumpur?


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Excess body hair (or facial hair) is often considered as embarrassing and bothersome, especially on the legs, bikini line, neck, arms, underarms, chest and back. That is why its removal by laser is now one of the more popular aesthetic treatments, for women as well as men. Malaysia is one of the top countries in which to have the laser hair removal procedure done. So, what is the price of hair removal Kuala Lumpur, or "KL" as it is commonly known, Malaysia’s capital city.

Since Kuala Lumpur has many laser hair removal clinics competing to offer the lowest laser hair removal price, it is an excellent choice for such cosmetic surgery. The average cost of laser hair removal in KL is:

US$ 65 per session (AUD $89, EUR €58, GBP £45)

compared to

US$ 235 per session (AUD $320, EUR €208, GBP £162)

in the United States.

Laser hair removal is a much faster and more efficient procedure than most other possible permanent treatments, such as intense pulsed light (IPL) and electrolysis hair removal. It involves beaming highly concentrated light onto targeted hair follicles. After the follicles absorb the light, the hair is destroyed. The procedure precisely targets dark, coarse hairs without damaging the surrounding skin. Since each laser pulse takes less than a second, it is possible to treat multiple hairs simultaneously resulting in permanent hair loss, following an average of five sessions.

Since most laser hair removal procedures can be performed in about an hour or less, you will have ample time to experience the exciting city of KL, and to enjoy its many sights and attractions, including shopping, outstanding cuisine, historic sites, and much more. Offering a beautiful environment, friendly culture, excellent medical facilities, and low costs, KL presents the opportunity to attend your selected laser hair removal clinic to remove unwanted hair, and at the same time, enjoy a relaxing, affordable getaway.

But, how can you be sure it is all worthwhile having laser hair removal treatment in Kuala Lumpur? Our staff at Medical Departures have developed a list of carefully vetted facilities and practitioners in KL specializing in laser hair removal. Prior to including laser hair removal clinics on our list, we perform an exhaustive background check that involves carrying out criminal and civil checks, confirming qualifications and professional associations, visiting facilities in person, and publishing reviews from patients who have used those facilities.

We list below our recommended laser hair removal clinics in KL that offer excellent treatment and surgery at reasonable prices. Click on the links for more information, and to see laser hair removal before and after pictures Kuala Lumpur.

Smart International Aesthetic (Kuala Lumpur)

Premier Clinic (Puchong)

Callalyn Aesthetics (Kuala Lumpur)

You can contact us if you would like more information about the price of hair removal Kuala Lumpur. Our Customer Care team is available to answer any questions, provide you with a personalized quote free of charge, book an appointment, let you have additional information and help you find past patient reviews and laser hair removal before and after pictures Kuala Lumpur.


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