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The sorrow and emotional drain that comes with not being able to conceive can do a lot of damage to a person's spirit as well as body. It is even worse if you keep moving to one fertility clinic to the next being promised heaven only to leave disappointed and no better than you came in – apart from having a reduced balance in your bank account. Fertility treatments are expensive, which is why you may want to consider going to overseas IVF clinics. Mexico could be a good choice – it has some great choices for relaxing locations, considerable expertise in fertility treatments – and is a lot less expensive than at home.

Here’s some of Mexico’s best fertility clinics, for you to consider:

a) Hospital de le Familia

The name of this clinics translates to '' family hospital'' in English and so far it has lived up to its name. The success stories of couples who came here looking to conceive are overwhelming. You will find yourself moved to tears reading the testimonials.

b) Jose Eligio Gaytan Melicoff

There are many places where you can go to have a peaceful time but a hospital is not quite regarded as one. Jose Eligio Gaytan Melicoff is not your average hospital. It offers a spa-like ambiance. This is specifically made possible for people who are coming for IVF. The procedure favors people who are relaxed and modification of the environment is one of the main factors that give this.

c) Biofertility Center

Biofertility Center has the latest technology and qualified staffs to help you conceive in less than a week. The success rates of the procedure at the clinic are high and you can as well as freeze the additional embryos, eggs or sperms for future use. The staff are friendly and supportive and you will not even realize you are far away from home.

d) Irega

You are assured of the best treatment and relaxed atmosphere at Irega. It has been serving the medical community for long and its reputation has grown from the great consideration it offers to customers needs and highly qualified IVF doctors.

e) Fertility Clinic Americas

This clinic specializes in a number of infertility treatments including gender selection, assisted hatching, egg freezing, egg donation, surrogacy, and IVF. You should choose Fertility Clinic Americas for the best experience in assisted reproduction.

g) Dr. David Nava

Dr. Nava is a renowned gynecologist who has helped countless couples conceive. He has been working in the field for more than 30 years. He is also keen on investing in professional development to serve his clients better. You can never go wrong by choosing Dr. David Nava.


It costs as low as USD $ 3500( AUD $ 4382, CAN $ 4362, NZ $ 4663, UK £ 2666 ) for IVF in Mexico while you have to pay up to USD $ 12,000 ( AUD $ 15, 026 CAN $ 14958 NZ $ 15987 UK £ 9141).

Check out our listings for more information on these IVF clinics. Mexico could be the perfect location to conceive, offering quality, expertise, low-cost, and the chance to relax on vacation. Medical Departures goes the extra mile to ensure the clinics it endorses are the best you can get, but please get in touch with Customer Care if you’d like to talk things over.

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