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IVF treatment has come a long way. It is now a well-known procedure in many regions of the world and its benefits cannot be underestimated. However, you should not up and walk into any clinic that advertises such services. You need to do some homework that you will be able to get what you are seeking for in the particular clinic you are interested in. Our clinics and doctors are all verified and background-checked, so we know you will get the quality you deserve.

Take a look at some of the most popular IVF clinics in Mexico:

a) Dr. David Nava

Dr. David has been working tirelessly at his clinic to offer his clients hope when it comes to fertility issues. There is a lot of negativity directed towards couples who have a difficult time getting pregnant. However, you can find hope at Dr. David Nava's clinic.

You will be treated by the most compassionate staff using the best technology available. The atmosphere is designed to calm your mind and put you in a good mood in order to have great memories of the conception.


b) Hospital de le Familia

IVF review is one of the most reliable means of telling the standard of services. Hospital de le Familia has received exemplary reviews. It tells you that it is the best place to visit if you are having a difficult time conceiving. There is no shame in not conceiving and you will work with non-judgmental staff to achieve this at Hospital de le Familia.

c) Jose Eligio Gaytan Melicoff

Some fertility issues cannot be willed away by wishful thinking. Dr. Jose Eligio has brought hope and smiles to many couples struggling with conceiving due to one fertility issue or another. He is an understanding person who will go the extra mile to ensure you get your bundle of joy. Do not be in doubt of the results if you decide to have him help you.

d) Fertility Clinic Americas

This is a premier clinic that specializes in helping couples conceive through assisted reproduction. They have the technology and personnel to make this happen within the shortest time possible. You will be treated like a royal at Fertility Clinic Americas, regardless of your status.

e) Biofertility center

This is a center that specializes in fertility treatments at all levels. The non-judgmental atmosphere, spa-like environment coupled with the latest technology and highly qualified IVF doctors are all you could ask for to get the baby you have always wished for.

f) Irega

Irega clinic is there to ensure that anyone who wishes to carry a child but is not able to due to infertility issues gets the needed medical help to achieve this. You will be attended to by the best IVF doctors and all this will not cost you a lot, when compared to north of the US-Mexico border.


IVF costs as low as USD $ 3500( AUD $ 4382, CAN $ 4362, NZ $ 4663, UK £ 2666 ) in Mexico while you have to pay up to USD $ 12,000 ( AUD $ 15, 026 CAN $ 14958 NZ $ 15987 UK £ 9141) in the US.

If you or your loved ones need to undergo IVF, Mexico should be the number one destination. Not only will you get the best IVF prices but enjoy a vacation in a region with the most diverse and carefree culture.

David De Los Santos

David De Los Santos has a master's degree in Psychology in Organizational Development and is currently writing for both Dental and Medical Departures.
To get in touch with this author, or for more info regarding this article, please contact us at author@medicaldepartures.com

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