Key Steps To Get A Perfect Breast Augmentation In Pattaya.


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Nightlife, beaches, and breast augmentation clinics! Pattaya has everything to make for a brilliant medical-tourism holiday. We have come up with the key steps to make your trip a total success.

1. Get Inspired

To learn more about what to expect why not read some breast augmentation reviews. These will give you insight into what it's really like to get breast augmentation surgery in Pattaya. Most patients leave extremely positive feedback about their experience and the final result.

2. Select A Clinic

There are a lot of breast augmentation clinics in Pattaya, which can make choosing one difficult. Your body is at stake, so we recommend only selecting the best of the best. Two of our top verified clinics are Vplast Clinic Pattaya and La Grace Clinic Central Pattaya Beach Branch . These are both extremely professional establishments that meet international medical standards.

You will find the surgeons have exactly the same training as those in most western countries. Furthermore, the technology used is exactly the same, and so are the implants. Overall there is no difference in quality. In fact, the only real difference is the prices.


3. Calculate The Costs

You will pay a lot less by getting the surgery done in Pattaya when compared to getting it done at home. Have a look at the prices lists below, to see the savings for your country.

  • Australia: Breast augmentation surgery costs approximately $16,000 in Australia, compared to $7,000 in Pattaya. This is a saving of $9,000.
  • New Zealand: Breast augmentation surgery costs approximately $17,000 in New Zealand, compared to $7,500 in Pattaya. This is a saving of $9,500.
  • US: Breast augmentation surgery costs approximately $12,000 in the US, compared to $5,000 in Pattaya. This is a saving of $7,000.
  • UK: Breast augmentation surgery costs approximately £9,000 in the UK, compared to £4,000 in Pattaya. This is a saving of £5,000.

As you can see breast augmentation costs around 60% less in Pattaya. So why overpay at home when you can fly to Pattaya?

4. Book Accommodation And Flights

You are going to need to find a place to stay. Luckily, Pattaya accommodates all needs and budgets. You can stay in everything from a family run guest house to a 5-star hotel. Many of these properties are right on the beach, making them even more ideal. The best way to sort out your accommodation is to simply book online using a site like They will have photos and prices for hundreds of properties.

The easiest way to get to Pattaya is by flying to Bangkok International Airport. From there you can get a taxi, shuttle, or bus straight to Pattaya. The drive takes around two hours.

5. Go!

You don't want to always be wondering what could have been. Take a visit to a top breast augmentation clinic. Pattaya will not disappoint you because once the surgery is complete, you will be blown away by the beautiful transformation and the improvement to your confidence and self-image.

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