Key Tips To Help You Select The Ultimate Arm Lift Clinic In Penang


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It's a great idea to travel to Malaysia for an arm lift. Penang is a beautiful, modern, and safe city, with some excellent clinics. Let's find out how to go about selecting the perfect one for you.

1. Read Reviews

One of the best ways to learn more about a clinic is to read arm lift reviews from their previous patients. This will give you first-hand insight, from real people, that have actually been there. The clinic's pages on the Medical Departures website have dedicated review sections. Read a whole lot to get an overall impression of the different medical providers.

2. Check The Prices

Penang is a small, peaceful city, with a relatively low cost of living. Business operating costs (rent, utilities, wages, etc.) can be very low compared to other, more expensive countries. This means the clinic you choose should offer competitive prices, without any drop in quality. Have a look at the tables below to see the approximate arm lift costs of many providers, including the Leh Clinic and the Amandrey Clinic.



Cost In Australia

Cost In Penang

Saving Amount

Arm Lift Procedure





Cost In New Zealand

Cost In Penang

Saving Amount

Arm Lift Procedure





Cost In The UK

Cost In Penang

Saving Amount

Arm Lift Procedure





Cost In The US

Cost In Penang

Saving Amount

Arm Lift Procedure




3. Learn About The Surgeons

Plastic surgeons in Malaysia have good training, but try and learn more about the different arm lift surgeons at each clinic. Factors to consider are how long they have been practicing for, their reputation, qualifications, and their memberships to international medical organizations. Each of Medical Departure’s clinic pages has a section with the biographical details of the surgeons and doctors present.

4. Make Sure The Staff Speak English

The last thing you want to deal with is a communication issue in a foreign country, especially when it comes to medical services. Luckily the English ability of Malaysians is already quite high, given that it was a former British colony. On top of this, all the staff and doctors at Medical Departure’s arm lift clinics will speak it fluently. This means everything will be explained to you clearly, and you will have no problems asking questions and expressing any concerns so that they can be fully resolved.

5. Be Positive International Standards Are Met

When selecting a clinic for your arm lift procedure, you want to make sure it meets international medical standards. This assures you will be safe the whole time. All of Medical Departure’s clinics meet these standards. You will find that a visit to any one of them is just like visiting a top clinic in your home country.

Make Your Decision

Hopefully, this information has been useful to you in selecting a place to receive an arm lift. Penang has many clinics to choose from, so it pays to do your homework. More information can be found out on Medical Departure’s clinic pages. Here you can read reviews, look at surgeon bios, compare prices and book online.

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