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Liposuction in Phuket is a safe, effective and affordable way to get rid of stubborn fat deposits that won't move even after diet and exercise. Learn more about this treatment, as well as how much you can save in Thailand at one of our quality checked clinics in this quick guide. 

How Does Liposuction Work?

Liposuction, a safe and popular procedure, removes excess fat from your body. Using different sized cannulas, the fat is vacuumed away via minor incisions. There are now many different methods of liposuction and some of them are not even surgical. Invasive methods use water, ultrasound or laser to dilute or liquefy the fat that is then removed.

Non-invasive techniques use ultrasound, radiofrequency, laser or freezing to destroy the fat that is eliminated by the body naturally.

As the fat is removed in one of these ways, the skin then shrinks and you get the desired contours. Liposuction is used on different areas of the body as well as the face for facial contouring of problems areas like double chin, under jaw fat deposits, a thick neck or even cheeks.


Why Phuket for Liposuction?

One of the major reasons to go to Phuket for liposuction is that prices are so much lower.  If you check the prices that our partner clinics in Phuket charge for liposuction, you may well be tempted to book in, zap away that fat and enjoy a holiday in the sun.

You may wonder about the travel and other costs, but even when factoring in flights and accommodation, many patients are still able to make substantial savings. 

Finding a Top Clinic in Phuket for Liposuction

Check out the liposuction Phuket reviews on our site so that you can make an informed decision regarding the kind of liposuction that will be right for you and the areas that can be helped. You can also click through to see before-and-after photos, surgeon profiles, location maps and more information to make an informed decision. 

Here are three highly-rated clinics and hospitals in Phuket for liposuction:

How Much Can I Save on Liposuction in Phuket?

The cost of liposuction varies greatly and depends on the areas of the body you wish treated, the kind of liposuction used and even the hospital or clinic of choice. If you have liposuction done on small areas of your body, it will cost you much less than on bigger areas. Regardless, you'll find that prices for your treatment will be much lower in Phuket than in western countries.

For example, the liposuction price in Phuket averages at around AU$2,500 (NZD2,685, £1,427, €1,670, US$1,860, CAD2,538). In western countries, you can expect to pay around AU$6,648 (NZD7,140, £3,794, €4,440, US$4,948, CAD6,750) for similar treatment—which is a saving of around 60-70%.

Please note: These are estimated prices at the time of writing. To see updated prices, check out our individual clinic listing pages. 

Getting Started with Medical Departures

Check out Medical Departures for liposuction reviews and make a booking through our site. You can also get in touch with our Customer Care Team for a free, no-obligation quote. 


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