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Thousands of Americans each year are visiting Mexico for their treatments such as chin augmentation. Review Mexico’s top-quality clinics to find your ideal facility for your surgery.

Number-One Medical Tourism Location

Being such a short distance to America, while at the same time offering cosmetic treatments for prices that are on average 65% cheaper than in the USA, it’s no wonder that so many people visit the country. Mexico is leading the way for medical tourism vacations, and with destinations such as Tijuana, Mexico City, Cancun, and Mexicali, there is literally something for everyone.

Some Americans choose to hop over the border to places such as Tijuana or Mexicali, while others prefer the hustle and bustle of Mexico City. However, one of the most popular ways to get your cosmetic treatments done is to visit a holiday destination such as Cancun where you can relax on the beach, enjoy yourself and take advantage of the top-notch local chin augmentation clinics.

Mexico is home to specialist chin augmentation surgeons in the world, and using a chin augmentation review to find the ideal clinic that suits your requirements and budget is the perfect tactic.


Chin Augmentation Reviews

At Medical Departures, we are dedicated to finding you the cheapest and highest quality cosmetic surgery options in the world. We have compiled a list of top-notch clinics by finding recommendations from former customers who have created an honest chin augmentation review. Mexico has some of the world’s cheapest clinics, specialist chin augmentation surgeons and if you check out our website you can find chin augmentation before and after photos, to help you make up your mind on whether the surgery is for you, and what surgeons will make your shortlist.

Here are our highly-recommended surgeon choices at Medical Departures for your chin augmentation treatment in Mexico:

Ricardo Vega Montiel

Dr. Victor Burgos

Dr. Juan David Florez Lopez

Affordable Chin Augmentation

When you are looking to find some of the most affordable chin augmentation price options in the world, Mexico is approximately 43% cheaper on average than in the USA.

Here is an example of the rhinoplasty prices you can expect to pay in Mexico: US $ 5,000 (CAN $6,360; UK £3,855; Euro €4,248; Aus $6,354; NZ $6,841), compared to the prices in the US $ 8,800 (CAN $11,163; UK £6,721; Euro €7,675; Aus $12,600; NZ $13,411).

As you can see, when you want to find a clinic in Mexico with the best prices, take your time to study our clinics and doctors offering chin augmentation. Review Mexico locations and discover your perfect destination, whether for a short trip or a longer vacation. Mexico has been leading the way in the medical tourism industry for merging quality and affordability and is now the destination of choice for Americans and Canadians seeking a fair price.

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