Looking for an affordable facelift? Plastic surgery in Tijuana is a great option


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A facelift procedure can be one of the most life-changing treatments, but when you consider how much money you can make by visiting Mexico for your facelift treatments, it makes complete sense.

Americans Are Going South for Treatments

There always seems to be a lot of focus on Mexicans going over the American border to work or to improve their living standards and opportunities, but did you know that Americans are going in the opposite direct to find cheap facelift plastic surgery? Tijuana, being one of the easiest places over the Mexican border to visit for Californians, is now one of the most-visited places in Mexico for medical treatments.

The vast choice of affordable facelift clinics in Mexico and Tijuana is testament to the nation’s rapidly growing reputation for offer viable alternatives to the prices back home. When you take into consideration that American citizens can just cross the border, visit a clinic and get prices that are more than 65% cheaper than in America, it is no wonder that more Americans than ever before are making the journey.

How to Find Clinics in Tijuana

There is a cool choice of facelift clinics in Tijuana that merge both affordable rates and reliable treatments and services that have international standards. Medical Departures is a website portal that is dedicated to finding you affordable clinics in the region, perfect for American patients. At Medical Departures, we have insider knowledge on the most reliable clinics in the region and will pass on that advice to you.


When it comes to finding affordable clinics for facelift plastic surgery, Tijuana has so many. We have read almost every review from former patients of each clinics to secure you the most trustworthy clinics that also offer the cheapest facelift cost Tijuana has to offer. Please take your time to learn more about these extremely reputable clinics below who really know how to take care of American patients:

Ricardo Vega Montiel

Advanced Health Medical Center

Molding Clinic Cosmetic Surgery Center

Costing a Facelift in Mexico

Did you know that you can save almost 70% by getting your facelift treatments performed in Mexico? The price differences are staggering. If you want to know more about the pricing in Mexico so you know what you are dealing with, here is an example of the going-rates in Mexico for facelift treatments: US $5000 (CAN $6,500; UK £3,800; Euro €4,400; Aus $6,600; NZ $6,900), compared to the prices in the US $18,000 (CAN $23,000; UK £13,900; Euro €15,800; Aus $26,000; NZ $24,000).

When you are online looking for a way to counteract the expensive prices of treatments for facelift plastic surgery, Tijuana is the ultimate destination. With world-class clinics that perform treatments to the highest levels, it is no surprise that so many Americans are now jumping over the border to visit Tijuana.