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If you are looking for low-cost liposuction, you should review Tijuana’s surgeons and clinics with Medical Departures. Every facility on our website is personally checked by us, and every one of the thousands of reviews is real, so we know that every clinic is as reliable as can be and offers excellent results. Should you choose to go it alone, here are some tips on how to make the best choice for liposuction in Tijuana:

1: Choose a Surgeon with Care

The skill, expertise and artistry of your surgeon are directly linked to the quality of surgery you receive. Like any form of plastic surgery, liposuction requires a high level of attention to detail in order to achieve the best results, so you must ensure that your surgeon has reliable credentials, great reviews and patient history.

Liposuction is one of the treatments with the highest number of revision rates, so it is important to choose a good surgeon the the first time. Revision surgery can only correct, as it is always better to work with a blank canvas.


As this is the most important step, don’t skimp on your research. You will discover mountains of information available about liposuction surgeon in Tijuana online, but how much of it can you be confident in? If you are unsure, then remember that all Medical Departures’ information has been thoroughly checked. All clinics and surgeons have been background checked, their certifications verified and premises visited, so you know you can rely on them for quality. We recommend the following surgeons and clinics in Tijuana for liposuction:

2: Get a Proper Evaluation

Prior to your surgery, you will need a full evaluation to ensure that you are a suitable candidate, and to assess what type of liposuction is best for you. Your surgeon should listen to your aspirations and goals, and give you a thorough examination to determine the areas of maximum benefit from the surgery.

3: Remember One Size Doesn’t Fit All

While cutting-edge technologies are beneficial, they are not a solution for everybody. There is no substitute for a seasoned, qualified surgeon, nor one who provides custom-made treatments to suit each individual patient, rather than relying on new, exciting-sounding technologies to cover up his or her lack of expertise.

4: Ensure Treatment is Carried Out in a Surgical Facility

Some liposuction treatments, such as tumescent , are considered minimally invasive. However, it is worth checking with your surgeon that your treatment will be carried out in a fully equipped and licensed surgical center.

5: Get Educated

Surgery shouldn’t be undertaken on a whim, even if it seems so common that everyone is doing it. No matter who you are and where in the world you choose to have it carried out, surgery always carries an element of risk. You should find out everything you can about the procedure—the different techniques and why your surgeon opts for one over another.

Also, make sure you have realistic expectations of the results, as well as the downtime. Everyone heals at different rates, so it is worth investigating the expected length of your recovery period, so you know what to expect and can budget accordingly. You are far less likely to get anxious or stressed when you know what might happen.

6: Cheapest is Not Always the Best Option

As you will save money on liposuction in Tijuana , you need not expose yourself to unnecessary risk by going for the cheapest option as a default. If it looks the best value, then by all means go ahead, but be sure to check out quality as well as price so you feel comfortable with your choice in doctor and clinic. This is a list of prices compared with those in your home country:


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Liposuction Cost – Home






Liposuction Cost – Tijuana






The Bottom Line

Take your time to when choosing a liposuction surgeon and clinic, and if you are still not 100% confident, use Medical Departures’ Customer Care Centre to help you review Tijuana’s facilities carefully and make a well-chosen decision based on all the facts.