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With Malaysia climbing the ladder of medical tourism, a lot of people from around the world are traveling there to receive top notch, affordable cosmetic care, such as liposuction of the body and the face. For those who want to have their face redefined, re-contoured and restructured to get rid of a double chin for instance (which develops as a result of genetics or pregnancy), then one of the options is facial liposuction. Malaysian clinics that we work with have proven to be experienced and skilled to perform these types of procedures and offer you the best results at the cheapest prices.

Do I need Facial Liposuction?

During facial liposuction, fatty tissue is taken from the face, the neck and the cheeks. The procedure is usually performed for people who have a double chin, enlarged cheeks or neck, and who wish to improve the appearance of their head and neck region by getting rid of the excessive adipose tissue layers.

Our reviews indicate that in general, when it comes to cosmetic procedures, Medical Departures patients are almost always pleased with their results. In fact, for facial liposuction, before and after pictures are available if you want to learn more from other patients’ experience, or have an idea of the type of results to expect from your facial liposuction. [ad1]

Cost of Facial Liposuction in Malaysia

Cost is always one of the limiting factors that prevent people from getting the cosmetic care that they need. Like any other cosmetic procedure, facial liposuction is something one would expect to be quite expensive. And it is the case in Australia and New Zealand, but simply not in Malaysia. You see, at one of our facial liposuction clinics, the Laco Aesthetic Clinic, facial liposuction cost starts at AUD 917 (NZD 980; USD 730; CAD 919; EUR 617; GBP 550) which is way cheaper than the original prices of this procedure if done in Australia or New Zealand (AUD 8,600; NZD 9,197; USD 6,000; CAD 8,600; EUR 5,790; GBP 5,229). These are huge savings, and you almost don’t pay anything for your procedure. On top of that, the cost of life in Malaysia is very cheap, which means that you get to save on your hotel, transportation on site, meals and even shopping budget!


Taking Advantage of the Medical Departures Experience

At Medical Departures, we always strive to provide optimal patient satisfaction at the cheapest prices. We have worked to secure you the most affordable packages for your facial liposuction in selected clinics in Malaysia. All you have to do is get in touch with our team, book your procedure and the process naturally follows. In terms of pricing and payment, the facial liposuction cost indicated on our website is what you pay, with no surprise charges.

Contact Medical Departures today if you feel you need facial liposuction. Malaysia clinics that we work with will provide you with the best care possible and give you optimal outcomes.