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Are you looking for excellent yet affordable male breast reduction surgery clinics? Cancun is not only a holiday getaway but also a haven for medical treatments and surgical services. It is a city with many affordable hospitals and clinics offering modern facilities, competent doctors and ‘world-class’ health care and services. This can be compared to the best facilities in Canada and the United States.

With the increasing demand for surgical procedures like male breast reduction surgery, clinics and surgeons in Cancun, Mexico are doing their best to give the highest standard of services.

Dr. Rafael Velasco Marin uses a very personal approach when dealing with his patients. This approach helps him to create a personalized treatment plan to address the goals and needs of the patients. He performs a comprehensive range of plastic surgery procedures and aesthetic treatments including internal ultrasonic liposculpture, face lifts, body contouring surgery and microsurgery.

Dr. Marin has practiced at the Cancun General Hospital and IMSS/General Hospital. He received his training in general surgery at UNAM Medical Services, Dep’t of the Federal District. Apart from that he trained in plastic and aesthetic treatments at UNAM, Hospital General de Mexico.

Dr. Victor Burgos practices his medical profession at his clinic in Cancun. He makes use of modern equipment and advanced technology to make sure that the patients get the best cosmetic treatment possible.

His surgical procedures include the following:

  • Otoplasty (ear surgery)
  • Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
  • Breast surgery like breast reduction.

Alejandro Ulises Solis Gonzalez performs various kinds of surgeries on local and foreign patients using both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic dermatology techniques.

He is an expert in both reconstructive and plastic surgery. This assists his patients to enhance the functions and physical appearance of their body. This method is crucial especially after trauma, injury, birth defects or disease. Dr. Ulises provides both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic dermatology techniques.

One of the major considerations in searching a good clinic is to find the most reasonable male breast reduction surgery cost. Cancun in Mexico has cheaper prices compared to other countries like United States and Canada. Here are the prices.


United States



Male Breast Reduction

US$ 6,546



CAN $3,250

Foreign patients have availed themselves of the outstanding medical treatments and cosmetic surgeries. Former patients have shared positive remarks like this positive male breast reduction surgery review. Cancun has given Ro, one of Dr. Ulises’ former patients, an opportunity to experience a very satisfying service.

Here’s what he says: “A doctor truly dedicated and specialized on plastic surgery, one you can trust. Human like no other, honest and always gives 100% and more I highly recommend him.”


Cancun is receiving more and more patients from different countries to experience a high-quality and less expensive medical services, plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments.

Knowing this will surely convince you to start looking for the best male breast reduction surgery clinics. Cancun has high-quality clinics and hospitals at affordable price that you can’t surely ignore. Pack your bags and visit their clinics now!

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