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Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world and as it is tropical, it is warm all year round. Although p rices for a breast reconstruction in Bangkok’s clinics are the same low price all year round, you can save on accommodations by booking your treatment during the rainy season (normally April-October).

What is Off Season and When Is It?

Thailand is not a particular seasonal country as the temperature stays warm all year round. Bangkok does have ‘off-season’ months of the year though, which can also be called ‘low season’ or ‘green season’. These are normally when the climate is at its hottest and wettest.

The most expensive times of the year to visit Thailand are Christmas and New Year. This is the cool season and has the most pleasant temperatures. The best value for money can be found in the quietest periods which also have the most humidity and increased chances of rain . Outside of popular western dates for school holidays, the months from April to late October are the least busy as the weather is not optimal for the beach. This will not affect your surgery so you should take advantage of the great airfare and lodging deals and the 5-star treatment available in Thailand’s cosmetic surgery hospitals and clinics.

How Much Can You Save?

From the end of April to the end of November hotel accommodation prices are much reduced. Standard savings of 30% are available at this time of the year, which can contribute to significant savings the longer you are staying. If you shop around or are flexible with your dates then you can save even more. Prices at Bangkok breast reconstruction clinics are the same all year round.


Because there are fewer tourists in the low-season months, the demand for flights into Thailand is also reduced which means you can find some great deals on airfares. It makes sense to consider visiting at out of season for your breast reconstruction surgery.

Bangkok’s high-quality breast reconstruction clinics are much more reasonably priced than clinics in the west, as shown in the comparison table below:








Price of Breast Reconstruction in Home Country







Price of Breast Reconstruction in Bangkok







Recommended Clinics

Bangkok is popular all year round with Medical Departures patients and they have recommended the following clinics in Bangkok for your breast reconstruction treatment:


Getting Started

Save money by contacting the Medical Departures Customer Care Team about a breast reconstruction in Bangkok out of season. Be flexible with your dates and optimize your flight costs to make it as financially efficient as possible. We look forward to serving you!


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