Be Thankful for Your Health, and Savings on Your Treatment

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Say “No, Thank You” to Your Local, Pricey Surgeon

People across the United States are plagued by the sky high prices of medical procedures. This is especially true for cosmetic procedures that aren’t covered by insurance. You may get coverage for a treatment if you need it for fixing a medical issue - like getting a rhinoplasty in case your current nose structure makes it difficult for you to breathe properly. Even then, you still may have to bear some out-of-pocket expenses.

So whether you need a nose job, a facelift, a breast augmentation or some other procedure, you should use the amazing discount by Medical Departures this Thanksgiving.

You’re probably thinking how much can you save in Mexico after factoring in this promotion. Let’s look at the price comparisons for some procedures people often choose to get on a medical holiday:


Savings for Breast Augmentation in Mexico

Cost of breast augmentation in the US: USD $11,500

Cost of breast augmentation in Mexico after 5% discount Mexico: USD $4,085

Savings for Rhinoplasty in Mexico

Cost of rhinoplasty in the US: USD $8,800

Cost of rhinoplasty in Mexico after 5% discount: USD $4,750

Savings for Facelifts in Mexico

Cost of facelifts in the US: USD $18,000

Cost of facelifts in Mexico after 5% discount: USD $5,225

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Don’t be fooled by the prices no matter what the discount – you’re not trading dollars for health. Every clinic at Medical Departures goes through our stringent screening process. So when you plan your medical holiday with us, you’re always headed to a world-class clinic that houses cutting-edge technology and brilliant surgeons and medical staff.

You’ll thank Medical Departures!

It’s just a myth that there aren’t any great clinics in Mexico or that it’s hard to find them. You just need to know where to look. Thankfully, you’re reading this article so you’re already looking in the right direction!

So don’t miss this chance to enjoy the amazing combination of low-price, high-quality procedures in Mexico. Thanks to Medical Departures, Thanksgiving this year can mean being thankful not just for a discount, but for your better health and looks!