Myths About Hair Transplant Clinics in KL


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Hair loss isn’t pretty. Baldness, even less so. So, it makes sense why many people consider a hair transplant. And because of the unreasonably high prices of hair transplants in Australia and New Zealand, it makes sense why so many people become medical tourists. In particular, they look for hair transplant clinics in KL to enjoy the city’s lower prices of hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Price (KL)

So how much can expect to save on your hair transplant in KL ? Here’s a cost comparison to give you an idea:

Cost of hair transplant in Australia: AUD $1200

Cost of hair transplant in Canada: NZD $13280

Cost of hair transplant in KL: AUD $2997 and NZD $3317

This translates into a whopping 71% discount! While the hair transplant price in KL is a huge draw, there are some misconceptions about hair transplants in KL that hold many people back. Let’s debunk some of these myths.


“It’s inferior”

This is the most common myth that cynics pass around – that because the price is low, the quality must be low as well. Thankfully this isn’t true because the cost savings really wouldn’t be worth it if you had to compromise on your health.

Actually, the costs are low not because of lower quality, but because of:

  • Lower operating costs . It costs much less to run a hair transplant center (or any medical center) in Malaysia than it does Down Under.

  • Lower cost of living . The top hair transplant experts in Malaysia can enjoy a similar lifestyle to that of the top experts in Australia and New Zealand, without charging the same hefty prices. The lower living expenses keeps prices low.

  • Healthy competition . Medical tourism is a big industry in Malaysia and the government also encourages a healthy competition among the local clinics to attract foreign clients. This translates into an overall lower price.

“You won’t save money after travel & accommodations”

As you just saw from the cost comparison earlier, you are saving quite a bit of money. So even after you factor in the airfare and hotel bills, you will still be saving money.

“There are hidden costs that will ruin you budget”

While there might be some clinics that have hidden costs, the best ones never do this. The top hair transplant centers in KL have a solid clientele and rely on good word of mouth to maintain and grow their customer base.

Given that their prices are already much lower than the pricey centers in Australia and New Zealand, they don’t really need to lie about their prices. Most clinics are upfront about their prices. You can discuss this when getting your personalized quote.

“It’s impossible find a reliable clinic”

At first thought, finding a reliable clinic overseas might seem a little difficult. However, thanks to the amazing medical tourism portal Medical Departures, you have access to the most reliable information about the best hair transplant clinics in KL. In fact, here are 3 of the best hair transplant centers in KL featured on Medical Departures:

So, now you know better than to fall for the myths about hair transplant clinics in KL. Feel free to compare personalized from these clinics and you’ll soon get a nice head of hair without spending a fortune!