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Looking for the best clinics for a neck lift? Mexico provides countless options for your consideration.

Thinking about getting a neck lift? Mexico clinics offer this procedure at affordable prices in a number of top-quality modern clinics. The procedure is ideal for local and international patients wanting to correct any problem with their skin and just bring back their youthful looking skin and appearance.

A neck lift is a procedure that involves separation of the skin from the underlying muscle (the platysma), reshaping the neck under the platysma muscle and, finally, tightening the muscle and redraping the skin. Patients are vulnerable to these changes mainly because of aging. Neck lifts can correct a number of imperfections such as a double chin, turkey neck and improve jowls.

Knowing that there are possible risks in undergoing this surgery, it is important to select neck lift surgeons that are experienced in this specific treatment.

The following neck lift clinics that we are about to present are medical experts in cosmetic procedures. These have certified medical staff performing procedures on par with international care standards.

Dr. Jenny Bacamontes Blanco is based in Innovare Cirugia Plastica. She provides effective procedures to patients at an affordable price. Innovare Cirugia Plastica is a must-visit clinic for an entire range of medical aesthetic surgeries including liposuction, breast augmentation and neck lift.

Hospital De La Familia has some of the highest-trained professionals committed to delivering excellent care to their patients. Some of their cosmetic surgical specialties encompass the face, body, butt and stomach.

Dr Vega and his team at Ricardo Vega Montiel deliver plastic surgery treatments at its best. They possess an excellent record in providing top-quality operations, both surgical and non-surgical procedures. This clinic has state-of-the-art facilities that help its surgeons perform sensitive procedures like breast augmentation, neck lift and liposuction.

Luis Hector Torres Lopez offers patients top quality medical procedures at very reasonable prices. Among the treatments offered are facial surgery, such as face and neck lifts and lip augmentation, as well as body surgery for the breasts and tummy. They want to make their patients happy and satisfied by achieving a better-looking you!


Clinica Ambar promotes cosmetic treatments to unleash a beautiful self, hidden from most people. This clinic’s services include all sorts of lift surgeries like neck, thigh, breast lift and labiaplasty. Clinica Ambar delivers reconstructive surgery to their local and international patients from all over the globe.

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To illustrate the tremendous savings for patients take a look at the table below to compare neck lift costs:







$ 10,735.00

$ 13,497.00

$ 14,110.00


$ 4,900.00

$ 6,160.00

$ 6,152.00







Are you ready to book your neck lift? Mexico is waiting for you. Arrange your appointment now and experience a newer more youthful looking you. Why not recover from the procedure in Mexico by having a short holiday using the massive amount of money saved.

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