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North Americans eyeing the possibility of improving their appearance are increasingly opting to cross the border into neighboring Mexico for their procedure. This is true for all cosmetic surgery, including eyelid surgery. In terms of eyelid surgery cost, Mexico absolutely dominates its competitors to the North while matching American and Canadian clinics’ first-world standards of quality.

As part of Medical Departures’ definitive eyelid surgery review, we have selected our top 4 eyelid surgery clinics based on our clients’ feedback, level of technological capacity, and hygienic standards.

Have a glimpse at the chart below to compare the increasingly exorbitant prices you pay for eyelid surgery at your hometown clinics compared with our Mexican providers

Eyelid Surgery Cost:

Western Average

$6,385 USD ($8,375 AUD, $8,985 NZD, $8,528 CAD, €5,891 EUR, £4,933 GBP)

Ricardo Vega Montiel

$1,400 USD ($1,856 AUD, $ 1,991 NZD, $ 1,890 CAD, € 1,305 EUR, £1,093 GBP)

Juan Gordillo

$2,364 USD ($3,134 AUD, $3,362 NZD, $3,191 CAD, €2,204 EUR, £1,846 GBP)

Clinica Ambar

$2,200 USD ($2,916 AUD, $3,129 NZD, $2,969 CAD, €2,051 EUR, £1,718 GBP)

Molding Clinics Cosmetic Surgery Center

$ 1,725 USD ($2,287 AUD, $ 2,453 NZD, $2,328 CAD, €1,608 EUR, £1,347 GBP)




The Clinics:

Ricardo Vega Montiel:

Situated next to the Grand Hotel Tijuana, Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel is one of the most highly respected eyelid surgeons in Mexico, having operated in Tijuana for nearly two decades.

Juan Gordillo:

Dr. Gordillo practices his craft in beautiful Guadalajara, attracting thousands of Western medical tourists annually.

Offering a variety of cosmetic options, Dr. Gordillo specializes in eyelid surgery, having performed countless of these procedures with constently positive results that exceed patients’ expectations.

Clinica Ambar:

Accredited by the US International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, seaside Clinic Ambar has earned a blemish-free 5-star rating of excellence from real Medical Departures clients who have visited the clinic for eyelid surgery and other procedures.

Molding Clinic Cosmetic Surgery Center:

Established in 1996, Molding Clinic Cosmetic Surgery Center recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Dr. Jose Martin Martinez has 23 years of surgical experience under his belt and is accredited by American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Like all of these clinics, Molding Clinic Cosmetic Surgery Center has made our list of top Mexican eyelid surgery clinics because of its combination of lengthy track record, experienced head surgeon, and perfect 5-star rating.

The Bottom Line:

You don’t have to pay overpriced clinics for procedures you can get just to the South in Mexico, and likewise you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save money. Even with its extremely low eyelid surgery cost, Mexico’s providers – the ones that Medical Departures partners with --absolutely match the standards of care that Westerners expect and demand. Head over to their profiles and get individual price quotes, take virtual tours of the facilities, talk with our friendly online staff about any concerns you have, and put your mind at ease that

Mexico offers the best options for your eyelid surgery


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