Recommendations for the best laser hair removal clinics in Koh Samui


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Do you want to go to the best laser hair removal clinics? Koh Samui in Thailand is not only a great place for a holiday but also for cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal that are available at affordable rates.

What is the purpose of laser hair removal?

There are many cosmetic treatments that can be done using different kinds of lasers. Laser treatment helps reduce hair growth significantly. It is a cosmetic and non-invasive treatment that is FDA approved. However, the laser treatment needs to be repeated after some weeks as it only works on hair that is in the growing phase and not hair that is in a dormant phase.

After a certain number of treatments and depending on your hair growth, any stray hair remaining after all your treatments are over, will be easier to get rid of, if required.

Which are the recommended laser hair removal clinics in Koh Samui 

Even if your main purpose of going to Koh Samui is for a holiday and you only want to get some cosmetic treatment done because it is cheaper than it is back home, you should book at a top clinic such as one of those listed on Medical Departures’ website. These have been quality-checked by us. We also verify the qualifications and experience of the doctors and aestheticians in the clinics and offer the best price guarantee as well. Among the recommended clinics are:

SFS Clinic – set in relaxing surroundings, the clinic offers a wide range of non-invasive cosmetic treatments to improve your skin, are anti-aging and rejuvenating. The clinic is headed by Dr.Chananan Sukkrajang, fellow of The American College of Surgeons and also of The Royal College of Surgeons .

Issara Clinic - this clinic offers all kinds of aesthetic treatments to enhance your beauty and improve your skin. Laser hair removal is only one of them and when you are there, you may want to take advantage of the low prices for other treatments as well.

Rajdhevee Clinic (Samui) - with 50 branches all over the country, the clinic has a wealth of experience behind it since the chain was established over 36 years ago. It now offers a range of cutting edge cosmetic treatments.

You can go to any of these or other clinics listed on our website, which are among the best laser hair removal clinics in Koh Samui.

What is the laser hair removal price in Samui?

The laser hair removal price in Samui is relatively much less than you would pay in your home country. The price depends on the area to be treated and for small areas like armpits you can pay an average of US$85 (CAD105, £64, €71, AUD107, NZD120). In an advanced country the price will average at US$300 (CAD373, £227, €253, AUD380, NZD426) for hair removal from the armpits.

Don’t miss the opportunity to go to one of the best laser hair removal clinics in Koh Samui by booking with Medical Departures.


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