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The capital of the Philippines, Manila , is a popular destination for breast reconstruction surgery . Manila and the Philippines, in general, have some affordable yet high-quality medical facilities and it is popular with Medical Departures patients as a result. Here are some of the most highly recommended clinics in Manila for breast reconstruction selected by former patients:

Kosmed Anti-Aging Aesthetic Clinic

Kosmed Anti-Aging Aesthetic Clinic has been operating for over 20-years. It is a modern and prestigious clinic which is much-visited by international patients. It offers a range of treatments including breast reconstruction and augmentation. Its highly-qualified doctors have been operating to the highest levels for decades and this one of the best clinics in Manila.

Beaufaces Cosmetic Surgery Center

The doctors at Beaufaces in Manila have qualifications and experience from around the world and as such Beaufaces Cosmetic Surgery Center is a popular clinic. First established by Dr. Benjamin Tan Alonzo in 1987, this modern facility is located in the heart of the city and has attracted patients from the USA, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The clinic has an excellent safety record and adheres to international standards on cleanliness.


Apple Peel Facial Care Spa

The Apple Peel Facial Care Spa has been in operation for over 20-years. It specializes in breast surgeries including breast reconstruction. The clinic is affiliated with the Kosmed Anti-Aging group. The doctors and clinic support staff speak English fluently and it is cleaned to international standards.

Breast Reconstruction Prices in the Philippines

Prices in the Philippines are much more affordable than in the USA, Europe, or Australia as illustrated in the comparison table below:








Price of Breast Reconstruction in the Philippines







Price of Breast Reconstruction in the West







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