Recommended clinics for a breast lift in Bangkok


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When you are looking for affordable and viable options for a breast lift, Bangkok in Thailand is one of the cheapest places in the world and is known as a premier medical tourism destination. If you are thinking of visiting SE-Asia to take advantage of the low prices and want to know more about Bangkok, let us help you to find some recommended clinics in Bangkok for your treatments.

Visiting Bangkok for Medical treatments

More people than ever before from across Western nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe and even America are making the move to go abroad for their cosmetic and medical treatments. When you are looking online to secure a cheap price and quality clinic for your breast lift, Bangkok is someone you need to take seriously. With prices that are approximately 65% cheaper than in the West, Thailand clinics for breast lifts offer a very viable option.

Bangkok is a very popular city that not only enjoys a rich cultural history, but also has lots of 5-star amenities and infrastructure that makes it one of the most modern cities in SE-Asia. Let us help you to find a clinic that not only offers an affordable price, but also operates to the highest international standards.

Finding Clinics in Bangkok

If you are looking for the best clinics for a breast lift Bangkok has to offer, at Medical Departures, we can help you along the way. We are an online hub for medical tourism options in regions such as SE-Asia and have compiled lots of information on the most reliable clinics in Bangkok for breast lift treatments to bring you some inspired choices.

Our highly recommended clinics are known for their reputation for dealing with international patients, while at the same time offering unbeatable quality, the likes of which you would expect from a top-notch clinic in the West. We have used our insider knowledge of the local market, alongside reading reviews from former patients at clinics in Bangkok to create a list of the most reputable and reliable clinics in the city. Here is our list of clinics for your breast lift:

Ktop Clinic

Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic

Yanhee Hospital

Affordable Breast Lift Prices

When you are searching online to secure the cheapest breast lift price, Bangkok has some inspired options for foreign patients from across the Western world. Our recommended clinics merge high quality treatments and world-class specialists with some of the cheapest prices in the world. Here is an example of prices for a breast lift in Bangkok : US $3600 (CAN $4,380; UK £2,650; Euro €3,010; Aus $4,492; NZ $4,930), compared to the prices in the US $11,000 (CAN $13,400; UK £8,111; Euro €9,227; Aus $15,800; NZ $15,060).

When you absolutely got to find yourself an affordable yet top not clinic for your breast lift, Bangkok has some of the best value for money options in the world for patients from the West who seek a reliable experience.


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