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It is really easy to get affordable Botox treatments in this day and age by simply driving over the Mexican border to take advantage of the amazing discounted prices in Tijuana. If you are looking for a recommended clinic, maybe we can help you out.

Medical Tourism in Tijuana

If you are looking to straighten out a few wrinkles and look at your beautiful best, Botox treatments are all the rage. If you are from California, you really do know the importance of looking your best. If you are in an industry where appearances count, or you simply want to feel more confident about your appearance, a quick journey over the Mexican border to Tijuana can fix all that.

Although Tijuana was once known solely as a place groups of men visited to party the weekend away, the city is now projecting a more wholesome demeanor with its top-notch Mexican Botox clinics. In this day and age, thousands of American each year are making the journey over the border to save money.

Recommended Clinic for Botox in Tijuana

If you are looking for an honest Botox review, Tijuana has some quality clinics that offer first-rate treatments and value-for-money prices. However, with so many Tijuana Botox Clinics plying their trade in the city, you really do need to ensure you are choosing one of the most reliable.

When it comes to highly recommended clinics for your Botox treatments, the Bajamedispa Clinic in the heart of the city is an inspired choice. Located just a hop from San Diego, this spa specializes in all manner of skin and dermatological treatments. The clinic is run and operated by Dr. Sara Lea Salas, who is one of the leading specialists in Mexico for skin procedures. The clinic was first opened in 2013 and in such a short space of time has become the standard bearer in Tijuana for Botox treatments.

If you are from California or America in general and seek a low-cost alternative to your Botox treatments, visiting the Bajamedispa in Tijuana is the perfect choice.

Botox Prices in Mexico

When it comes to sourcing an affordable Botox price, Tijuana in Mexico is one of the most affordable places on the planet. Prices for medical treatments right across the board are approximately 60% cheaper than over the border in America, which is why so many people are jumping the border to make a run for Tijuana. Prices for Botox treatments in the USA cost approximately USD $15 per shot, which breaks down as AUD $20 and 12 Euros. If you decide to have your Botox treatments in Tijuana , the price is closer to USD $10 per shot.

When you read this honest Botox review, Tijuana clinics price themselves to be some of the cheapest and most reliable for American patients looking for a bargain.

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