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Are you also looking for a medical vacation? Just consider that the many liposuction clinics in Bali that do this procedure at an affordable rate will help you out. You can enjoy a memorable holiday in this gorgeous and popular tourist destination and get this cosmetic treatment done at an inexpensive price as well, considering that Indonesia offers among the lowest prices for cosmetic treatments of various types.

What do the liposuction reviews say about Bali?

Are you looking for liposuction reviews? Bali is a fabulous destination where you can enjoy a holiday in amazing natural beauty, get pampered at the spas with massages and other beauty treatments, perhaps undergo some relaxation therapies with traditional Balinese care. For all kinds of medical and cosmetic treatments including liposuction, check out past patient reviews on our site.

You can undergo any kind of liposuction procedure, depending on where your fat deposits are, since liposuction can be invasive, wherein the fat is vacuumed from the body via incisions under anesthesia. Or you can undergo non-invasive liposuction via freezing, laser, radiofrequency, ultrasound and other methods. This method does not have a downtime and the body gets rid of the fat cells naturally.

Depending on the kind of liposuction you have you may have to take care for several weeks and wear compression garments or simply go about your normal activities, as per medical advice. For best results you need to maintain a stable weight – if you gain weight the fat deposits may return.

Which are the recommended clinics in Bali for liposuction?

You can do a lot of research, spending time, effort and energy on finding the right clinic for your liposuction procedure. Or you can check out Medical Departures’ website and confirm your booking since we list only those clinics that we have personally vetted. We also carry out background checks on the doctors and verify the qualifications and credentials. We offer the best price guarantee as well, so you do not pay more. Among the recommended clinics in Bali for liposuction are:

BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua– it is a large facility with experienced plastic surgeons, the hospital is accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI). The hospital has another branch in Kuta that focuses on various medical treatments for international tourists.

Dnl Skin Centre – with different branches, this cosmetic facility offers all kinds on non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures to enhance your face and figure, including liposuction of different kinds.

What is the cost of liposuction in Bali?

In an advanced and developed country, liposuction is fairly expensive and can cost you an average of AUD6,388 (NZD7,000, £3,776, €4,265, US$5,015, CAD6,258). In Bali you would pay an average of AUD905 (NZD1,017, £541, €602, US$711, CAD889) for similar work making it more affordable.

Don’t delay but book with Medical Departures at one of the recommended clinics in Bali for liposuction and get a more attractive figure.

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