Recommended Clinics in Quezon, The Philippines


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Quezon City is a city near Manila that offers affordable, friendly and high-quality medical care in its growing number of plastic surgery clinics. Medical Departures have checked, verified and visited these clinics to provide impartial advice on their quality and patient services, as well as accurate reports on prices.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery restores or reconstructs malformed or damaged parts of your body. If the procedure is focused solely on aesthetic needs, the treatment is called cosmetic plastic surgery but if the procedure focuses on reconstruction and rectification it is called reconstructive surgery . Popular plastic surgeries include tummy tucks, breast augmentations, nose jobs and facelifts.

Recommended Plastic Surgery Clinics in Quezon City

The following clinics have been recommended by Medical Departures patients as they provide affordable plastic surgery procedures to a high level:


Medical Departures have verified that these clinics practice international standard hygiene maintenance and that their staff have the qualifications necessary to perform surgery.

The clinics above are inexpensive. In Quezon m City, Medical Care can be a fraction of the price in your home country, as shown in the comparison tables below:





$11,843 VS $3,371 Save US$8,472



$15,520 VS $4,418 Save AUD11,102



$17,236 VS $4,906 Save NZD12,330




$8,773 VS $2,500 Save US $6,273


$11,494 VS $3,275 Save AUD8,219


$12,768 VS $3,638 Save NZD9,130

Available Promotions

The recommended clinics also offer the following promotions:

All three clinics offer the Remembrance Day 10% discount .

Quezon City

Quezon City is not all city as you can experience the city’s nearby pristine natural areas such as Ninoy Aquino Parks, the Wildlife Center and Le Mesa Watershed Reservation. It is also home to fun activities such as the Art in Island 3D museum.

Next Steps:

Quezon City offers high-quality plastic surgery at affordable prices. Book now at one of our recommended clinics today through the Medical Departures Customer Care Center.


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