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For them, this is a dream that would remain so unless miracles happen. However, due to scientific advancements in recent years, some couples try in vitro fertilization (IVF) as an alternative to make their dreams come true. Most countries offer expensive IVF treatments but this is not the case at IVF clinics in Malaysia .

IVF is a treatment technique that mimics the process of human fertilization, only in a laboratory not the womb. The process involves removing eggs from the woman’s body, fertilizing them in the laboratory with her partner’s sperm. After 2 to 6 days, the resulting embryos are transferred back into the mother’s uterus. The procedure involves:

  1. Stimulation of the woman’s ovary with hormone injections to produce more eggs

  2. Removing the eggs from the woman’s body

  3. Obtaining the partner’s semen

  4. Fertilization of the eggs in the laboratory

  5. Placing the embryos into the uterus

  6. Using further medications to strengthen the uterus until the day of the pregnancy test


IVF, unlike other medical treatments, is a complex treatment because it involves a complex issue – fertility. Visiting Malaysia for an IVF does not only present affordable treatment but a high success rate, which is the most important thing. The success rate of the IVF is very high, enabling couples to experience the happiness of having a child.

The following 3 facilities are highly recommended by Medical Departures as we have verified and checked them thoroughly.

  1. Pantai Medical Center Kuala Lumpur is a 331-bed hospital employing around 200 consultants with expertise across an extensive range of surgical and medical disciplines. At present, the facility offers patients the Medical Departures No Worries guarantee as well as our hotel and transportation packages .

  2. Sunway Medical Centre specializes in detecting and managing potential health risks by providing a personalized consultation service and specific screening programs. Patients are offered our amazing Medical Departures No Worries guarantee and the amazingly exclusive Medical Departures hotel and travel packages .

  3. Concept Fertility Centre of Damai Service Hospital is a medical facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that comply with international standards and protocols. It has desk-top mini-incubators to stimulate the natural environment of fallopian tubes which revolutionized pregnancy rates. The facility currently has a promotion on the Medical Departures exclusive hotel and transportation packages.

We shall help you in contacting the above-mentioned clinics in Malaysia so get in touch for further information and for a free quote .

Medical departures can provide patients with the approximate IVF price in Malaysia. The comparison below will proof the point.


























IVF clinics in Malaysia assist patients in their quest to conceive their dream family. We are proud to say that our recommended facilities provide high quality IVF services to childless couples, with high success rates that can equal international standards and procedures. Book an appointment with us now.

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