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Are you looking for a facility offering a great hair removal in Penang that offers quality hair removal procedures with an affordable asking price? Aesthetic enhancement procedures cost quite the penny so how about this; take a vacation and see the wonders of medical tourism in Penang.

Penang offers the most inexpensive laser hair removal procedure there is and we at Medical Departures will show you why we have selected this specific clinic.

Why’s Penang the best place for a hair removal?

Here’s what you look for when on a medical tour affordability, quality and a memorable, holiday experience that completes the circle and makes you think “oh, this was all worth it.” And Penang, well it has all that.

Here is an elaboration of why Klinik Loh surgery is recommended:

1. Affordability

– Klinik Loh surgery offers the most affordable hair removal price. Penang thrives on its medical tourism and affordable pricing. Compare the prices of hair removal procedures and you’ll see just how affordable laser hair removal procedures at Klinik Loh Surgery in Penang are. Patients will save at least 89.7%.


$895.00 VERSUS $92.00. Saving $ 803.00 per treatment


$1,162.00 VERSUS $ 119.00. Saving AUD$1,043.00 per treatment


$1,299.00 VERSUS $ 134.00. Saving NZD$1,165.00 per treatment


Of course, during a medical vacation in a foreign country, it’s natural to be wary of clinics and how the compare to clinics in your home country. That’s why we verify and do background checks at Medical Departures to ensure quality, professional qualification and security. Klinik Loh Surgery in George Town, Penang passed all the checks, in fact, their level of care and professionalism exceeds standards in most countries. They offer an exclusive Medical Departures promotion for you to avail as well! Just click at the link below to see: Save BIG in Penang with Medical Departures' exclusive hotel & transportation packages  

3. Great Location

 Penang has a multitude of cultural and historical sites to offer you. Walking down a street in George Town will convince you of that; you’ll see the quality of Penang’s artistic side, and not just through its street art, but also through the city’s structures and temples. Venture through the market stalls and have a taste of their cuisine.Penang will intoxicate you with their unique, loveable culture.

4. Explanation of the procedure?

The laser hair removal procedure is generally a simple one; non-invasive and requires no surgery. The procedures are done using laser technology. This technology for hair removal uses relatively strong pulses of light that destroy hair follicles on our skin, and thereby eliminating hair growth. During the treatment, you will be provided goggles to protect your eyes. Hairs that will be removed are trimmed to a few millimetres. The procedure is not at all painful, and requires at least three to eight sessions.

Banish your doubts and think how hair removal in Penang can change your life. Penang offers you affordability and quality. So come and book now through Medical Departures and have your hair removal done during your Penang vacation!