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If you are going to Chiang Mai for a holiday then you should consider hair removal in Chiang Mai via laser treatment as it is eminently affordable. With a vast number of clinics in this city offering cosmetic treatments you are actually spoilt for choice. Unwanted hair is a perennial problem with most women and some men, too, since hair invariably grows back after some time. Laser hair removal offers a relatively permanent solution.

What does laser hair removal actually do?

While you may think that laser hair removal will work instantly and give you hair free skin permanently that is not the case. You should keep in mind that hair goes through a growing phase and a dormant phase and laser can only work on hair that is in the growing phase. So a number of sessions will be required for this treatment, and these need to be spaced at a specific intervals. Laser treatment is FDA approved as a hair reduction treatment. After all the treatments are over, you may require maintenance treatments for some years. Eventually you may have minor hair growth which is easy to deal with.

The treatment itself is fairly simple. A laser device is passed over your skin a number of times and usually a cooling burst of air also comes out so that you don’t have any burning sensation. Different kinds of laser devices are used at various clinics and the kind of device used depends partly on the kind of skin tone you have and the color of your unwanted hair. Hair removal in Chiang Mai is fairly comfortable.Chiang Mai

Which are the cosmetic clinics in Chiang Mai that do laser hair removal?

At Medical Departures’ website we only list top quality clinics that have been quality-checked by us. We have successfully sent hundreds of thousands of medical tourists to different countries for medical and cosmetic procedures and treatments of all kinds. We verify the qualifications and experience of the doctors in the clinics and offer the best price guarantee as well. Among the recommended clinics are:

Rose Clinic Chiang Mai – all kinds of cosmetic surgeries are available at this clinic including treatments like laser hair removal.

Chiangmai Ram Hospital – this JCI accredited hospital offers all kinds of plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments.

Rajdhevee Clinic – with over 50 branches throughout the country, this clinic offers all kinds of non-surgical cosmetic treatments of all types.

What is the laser hair removal cost in Chiang Mai?


The hair removal cost in Chiang Mai will depend on the area to be treated as small areas will cost less than larger ones. To give you an example for a small area like armpits the hair removal cost in Chiang Mai is around US$85 (CAD105, £64, €71, AUD107, NZD120). In an advanced country the price will average at US$300 (CAD373, £227, €253, AUD380, NZD426) for similar treatment.


Take advantage of your holiday and get laser hair removal in Chiang Mai at these reasonable prices by booking with Medical Departures at the clinic of your choice.

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