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If you are wondering why your hair is falling out , unfortunately there is no easy answer. Hair loss happens for a variety of reasons and affects people in a variety of ways. For some men balding starts at the crown, leaving a hairless patch on the top of their head. For others, hair begins to recede from the front, pulling back from the forehead and above the ears.

Whichever way you are going bald, understand that you need not say goodbye to your hair just yet because you can restore it with a hair transplant.

Understanding Follicular Unit Extraction

One of the most advanced forms of hair transplant is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) , which works by surgically removing individual healthy hairs and placing them in the areas of the scalp suffering from hair loss. A special punch is used to carefully extract complete hair follicles without causing any lasting damage to your hair or scalp. Hair will regrow in the area where the follicle was extracted from and also in the location where the follicle is subsequently placed. You will need to have some healthy hair to be eligible for an FUE hair transplant, so if you are already completely bald it will not work.

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take?

The actual time needed for hair transplant surgery will depend directly on how many hairs need to be extracted and placed. Be aware that a hair transplant is a time-consuming procedure, with treatment times often ranging between one to three days. Once you have discussed your desired results with a hair transplant surgeon, they can provide you with an estimate for how long your hair transplant will take.


The Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Mexico

BajaHair Center is a top-rated hair transplant clinic in Tijuana , run by the experienced hair restoration specialist Dr. Sara Lea Salas. She is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and has studied hair transplant surgery in both the United States and Israel. As the clinic is just across the US-Mexico border, it is possible for American patients seeking affordable hair transplants to be in and out of the country within the same day. Read over 20 verified past patient reviews here at Medical Departures to find out more about the BajaHair Center.

Also in Tijuana, DHI Global Medical Group specializes in hair restoration , not only for hair on your head but also eyebrow, mustache, and beard hair as well. The Tijuana branch of DHI Global Medical Group is part of a worldwide network of hair transplant clinics that can be found across the Americas, Europe, and Australia. Working here is Dr. Amaury Rangel Aviles, a highly-qualified hair transplant surgeon who speaks both Spanish and English.

Further south in Mexico City, the Kaloni® Hair Restoration clinic offers expert treatment at an affordable price. You will find a number of Kaloni clinics in the capital, but our top pick is located in the affluent suburban district of Polanco. Dr. Jonathan Villanueva Fayad has over 10 years of experience in hair transplant surgery and has helped restore the hair of hundreds of patients.

Start Your Hair Restoration Today with Medical Departures

It takes just a few minutes to set up a visit to any of these hair transplant clinics in Mexico when you use the Medical Departures online appointment scheduler. To get answers to any questions you might have, just call the Customer Care Team. They can also make all the arrangements for your hair transplant surgery over the phone when you are ready.


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