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The Benefits Of Botox

Botox is a chemical that temporarily paralyzes muscles by stopping them from receiving signals from the nerves. It is most commonly injected into areas of the face and forehead. The muscles in these areas then become more relaxed, which reduces the appearance of lines, creases, and wrinkles. This has the effect of making patients look younger and more beautiful.

Botox can generally be administered within minutes, with a few simple injections. The full effects then take one to two weeks to fully appear. These usually last for 3-6 months before a Botox top-up is required.

A Bit About The City

Tijuana is a Mexican city located right on the US border, next to San Diego. Its location makes it popular with tourists form the US, as well as those seeking affordable cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery.

The city is very convenient for western travelers. The infrastructure is well developed, and the private healthcare system is very high-quality. You will also find that English is widely spoken.

Lastly, Tijuana is also a good way to experience Mexico without having to travel to far. There are local markets, traditional food, and many nightlife options. This means you can enjoy your short trip or even a longer vacation.


An Affordable Option Right Next Door

If you're planning a trip to Tijuana or just live nearby then why not consider getting Botox there. You will be able to save some cash while visiting a highly skilled cosmetic professional. How much can you save? Well, Botox generally costs around $15USD/$20CAD per unit in the US and Canada. In Tijuana, Botox is around $7.5USD/$10CAD. This is a saving of 50%. Remember, most areas require 10-20 units of Botox to experience an effect, so the savings can definitely add up.

Top Clinics

There are many cosmetic clinics in Tijuana. However, they are not all the same quality. That's why we suggest you visit one of our certified clinics such as the BajaMediSpa . This facility is run by Dr. Sara Lea Salas, a highly-skilled and experienced dermatologist. She is backed by an excellent team, that will be able to administer Botox to achieve great results.

The clinic is also extremely modern because it was only opened in 2013. You will find it equipped with the latest medical technology, while also being a spacious and comfortable environment. Lastly, don't worry about communication problems. Dr. Sara Lea Salas and her staff speak English fluently.

To find out more about the BajaMediSpa and other cosmetic clinics, why not read a Botox review. Tijuana’s patients have left many on our website.


If you haven't already, have a look at some Botox before and after photos in Tijuana. These will show you wha’ts possible and even inspire you to take the trip across the border.

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