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Are you looking to get a gastric bypass and not sure where to go? Fret no more: come to Mexico and check out Dr. Sergio del Hoyo. Review his clinic listing on our website, check out prices and think about getting your bariatric procedure in Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco). A beautiful destination, you can make the most of some vacation and recuperation time while you’re there.

The Quality of Service is Excellent

With over 10 years of experience as a Doctor and bariatric surgeon, Dr. Sergio del Hoyo has established an excellent reputation that has made its clinic one of the top destinations for gastric bypass in Jalisco. Born in Guadalajara, the state capital, Dr. del Hoyo was trained in his home country and received a rigorous, high quality education as a doctor and a bariatric surgeon. He is mostly known for performing gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy on people who want to lose weight.

strong The Prices are Very Cheap and You Make Huge Savings

Dr. del Hoyo believes that everyone should get an equal chance to be healthy and achieve the best version of themselves, and cost of care is definitely not a hindrance to getting your gastric bypass at his clinic.

In fact, based on our patients’ experience, we estimated that you could spend 65% less of what you’d pay for your sleeve gastrectomy if you were to do it in the USA and Canada. This is how cheap the procedure is at Dr. Sergio del Hoyo – cost-effective and affordable for everyone.

Prices of gastric bypass start at USD 6,500 (CAD 8,773; EUR 6,060; GBP 5,075; AUD 8,616; NZD 9,244) which are way cheaper, compared to USD 18,905 (CAD 25,517; EUR 17,626; GBP 14,761; AUD 25,060; NZD 26,886).

For sleeve gastrectomy, you’re looking at USD 4,500 (CAD 6,074; EUR 4,196; GBP 3,514; AUD 5,965; NZD 6,400) vs USD 10,606 (CAD 14,316; EUR 9,889; GBP 8,281; AUD 14,059; NZD 15,083) in the USA and Canada.

The Location is Ideal 

The state of Jalisco literally represents a lot of the things that Mexico is known for: great culture, great mariachi music, great tequila, and many more things. There is a very active night life in all cities including Guadalajaral. If you are a lover of architecture, you will surely enjoy admiring the Guadalajara cathedral and the many colonial plazas that are in the city. The Palacio de Gobierno house murals, conceived and made by native artist José Clemente Orozco are also something that you would enjoy. Other points of interest, especially for the nature lovers, include the Lake Chapala, Baria de Banderas and Sayulita.

If you need to get gastric bypass and want to ensure great results, go to Dr. Sergio del Hoyo. Review our listings and check out the clinic, prices and much more. With Dr. Sergio del Hoyo, weight loss surgery is made available and accessible to everyone. And today, it could be you. Get in touch with our team, guarantee the best prices today to find out more.


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