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Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure in which the nose is reshaped. It is one of the most commonly sought after procedures abroad. You can have the shape, angle and even the size of your nose reshaped. Additionally, the nasal bump can be worked on if you think it is not up to your liking. People who have breathing problems due to the anatomy of their nose can find help in this procedure. Rhinoplasty in Johor has also become a haven for people who have a nose that is not proportionate to the other facial features.

Finding the best clinics overseas can be daunting for international clients. That is why medical departures are dedicated to helping you get the procedure at the best medical facilities without having to pay a lot for the same. The best rhinoplasty clinics in Johor have rhinoplasty before and after pictures. They include:

a) Estee Premier

This clinic has a solid reputation when it comes to non-surgical and plastic surgery treatments. It is located in Johor, Malaysia and serves both residents of the country and international clients. It was established by Dr. Balbeeer Singh in 1990. It is a part of Asia Group of Clinics which are 13 in total currently. They specialize in aesthetic services, surgery, and occupational health.

The first clinic among this group to offer aesthetic services was started 5 years ago. Estee premier has been a resourceful center in the training of aesthetic doctors. The services offered include plastic and cosmetic surgery, eye bag removal and double eyelids surgery.

The clinic is focused on maintaining a contemporary look with a modern décor. The services are also provided in a hygienic and safe environment with strict adherence to international standards of health and safety. For the convenience of everyone who wants to be treated here, the clinic is open every day from morning to evening. It has also received a lot of positive rhinoplasty review.


b) Estee Clinic

This clinic now offers anyone visiting Malaysia a chance to enjoy a once-in a lifetime vacation and still get outstanding aesthetic treatment. The location of Estee clinic allows visitors to have quick access to amazing tourists sites via rail and road. In addition, there are many shops where you can find souvenirs to take home with you and cheap hotels.

The clinic is part of a chain of aesthetic clinics started by Dr. Balbeer Singh. Dr. Singh founded his first clinic after graduating from the University of Mysore. The first clinic performed very well and it was well-liked by both the local and international community. Besides rhinoplasty, the other treatments offered at Estee clinic are:

  • Mesotherapy treatment.
  • Platelet rich plasma.
  • Thread Lift.
  • Filler.
  • Use of Botulinum Toxin for cosmetic purposes.
  • Q switch Nd-YAG laser.

Prices for Rhinoplasty in Johor Bahru for medical tourists

You will pay only $2,500( UK £ 2192, AUD $3291, CAN $3225) for rhinoplasty in Malaysia compared to $8800 in the United States.

Rhinoplasty is a fine procedure which requires the surgeon to be very precise. If you cannot get this in your surgeon then it is better not to have rhinoplasty. Johor is the home of the most experienced surgeons in the procedure especially at Estee clinic and Estee premium. Medical Departures are there to help you find a clinic with affordable rhinoplasty costs and be on your way towards having the perfect nose.