Round Breast Implant Surgery in the Philippines


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If you are considering getting a breast implant, then one of the decisions that you have to make is choosing which type of implants are the best for you. A good surgeon will help you decide on the right shape, size and even the brand. A proven type of implants to consider are round breast implants, which are available with all the other types in the Philippines.

What are Round Breast Implants?

Breast implants can give your breasts volume and additional size, and can also be used in reconstructive surgery to repair the breasts after a mastectomy.

Your surgeon will suggest different types of breast implants that your surgeon may suggest depending on the findings from your consultation; rest assured your preferences will be factored in. The most popular breast implants for Medical Departures patients are the round implants because they give a full, well-proportioned look combined with a soft feel, making them very popular among women and their significant others.

Round breast implant reviews

Be smart about your choices and read as many breast implants reviews as you can. The Philippines may have inexpensive medical treatments but that does not mean that the quality is below world standards, so check the reviews to see what you can expect, gain confidence and gauge how the clinics carry out treatment.


Why Travel to the Philippines?

The island nation of the Philippines has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination because of the scenic spots that can be found just about anywhere in the country. But, what makes this country even more appealing to international patients are the inexpensive breast implants widely available in any medical facilities all over the country.

Low costs are a false economy if the quality of care is poor, and round breast implant surgeries should be done by experienced surgeons. However, the level of care here is high, with many doctors having trained overseas, and most Filipinos speak fluent English , so communication is easy.

How Much are Breast Implants in the Philippines?

This table shows the average price of round breast implants in the Philippines compared to some Western Countries. As you can see, you can realise substantial savings of up to 66%, which would more than cover your travel and accommodation costs.

























Clinics to Consider:

In order to qualify for a breast implant, a change in lifestyle should be observed to avoid any complications . If this is possible for you, check out these clinics on Medical Departures:

Kangnam Junis Cosmetic Esthetic is a clinic in Cebu that offers an extensive range of surgical and non-surgical treatments designed to rejuvenate and lift the body. Patients can use this exclusive Medical Departures promotion when booking their treatment at the clinic:

DLS STI Mega Clinic offers cosmetic and plastic surgeries that can improve the quality of life of patients by correcting imperfections.

Dr. Mark Sison Medical City specializes in giving patients a new chance at life by providing them with reconstructive surgeries that are designed to empower them.

The Bottom Line

If you want to make your breasts look fuller and more proportioned at a price you can afford, consider getting a round breast implant surgery in the Philippines. Who wouldn’t say no to a better body and fantastic holiday rolled into one?


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