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If you are determined to save money on tummy tuck costs, Guadalajara is a great option as a medical tourist. Mexico’s second city is less crowded than Mexico City, the capital, and is not lacking in Mexican culture or history. For a laidback city, the region has much to offer and is worth putting on your shortlist.

Why Guadalajara?

The stereotypical medical tourist destination is an exotic, sunny beach bedecked with a few palm trees. However, that is not the only type of location that medical tourists can visit – and for some people a beach is the last place they would like to go. Therefore, city destinations are also popular, especially when the pace of life is not whizzing by at a rapid pace – although, if you are not one of the locals and have to get somewhere in a hurry (like work), then cities can be infinitely relaxing places.

Guadalajara is good to be able to soak in the sights at a leisurely pace, particularly when you have UNESCO-listed buildings and other historic architecture in the centre of the city. Like any other city, there are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars to try, parks and gardens and, if you are feeling energetic; gold, tennis and bike rides. The city is also said to be the birthplace of mariachis, tequila and Mexican rodeos, so there is plenty of opportunity to partake.


What is the quality of the surgery in Guadalajara?

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The price of tummy tucks in Guadalajara

The cost of your tummy tuck in Guadalajara will be considerably less than what you would pay at home, and should be more than enough to pay for yours and a companion’s flights, as well as a decent hotel to recover in comfort.


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Guadalajara makes for a great medical tourism destination for your tummy tuck. The costs in Guadalajara are a lot less than you imagine and you can finally rid that excess skin.

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