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Facelift is one of the most widely performed elective cosmetic procedures around the world. A facelift enables you to have the skin on your face toned and tightened, enhancing your appearance and reversing the signs of aging in the process. However, as an elective procedure, a facelift can surely cost a lot. In Australia and New Zealand, the average cost of the procedure is to the tune of AUD $26,000 (NZD $27,300). Naturally, you might be hesitant about bearing the facelift cost. Johor Bahru offers you a way out of this potential quagmire.

Over time, Malaysia has grown into a leading medical tourism destination and Johor Bahru is a shining example of this. With a number of world-class facelift clinics, including the Beverly Wilshire Medical Center, Ido’s Clinic, Dr. Hon Aesthetic Center, and Me Clinic Johor Branch, Johor Bahru welcomes numerous medical tourists from Australia and New Zealand annually. The main motivation here is, no doubt, the low facelift cost. So, how much money can you actually save by travelling to Johor Bahru for the procedure?

What’s the Facelift Cost in Johor?

As mentioned above, you have to spend north of AUD $25,000 on a facelift down under. In Malaysia, however, the maximum possible amount you could have to bear for the procedure is just AUD $6,894 (NZD $7,238). In fact, the average facelift cost is AUD $3,500 (NZD $3,675), which means you can save over 85% on the cost of the procedure when compared to the amount you would have to spend back home. The great thing is that the average facelift cost in Johor remains low, even if you head to the leading facilities, such as:



The great thing is that these top facilities don’t hesitate to share their reviews or prices. You can easily find at least one facelift review, complete with facelift before and after images, for each of these facilities. So you can use the information you get via the review to make an informed decision.

Get Safe and Effective Facelift in Johor

The great thing about getting a facelift in Johor is that despite the low cost, you don’t have to compromise on quality or safety. The facelift doctors in Johor are highly qualified and experienced. They know the ins and outs of the procedure and will perform it without any risk to your health. Working with Johor Bahru’s facelift doctors ensures you get the desired results from the procedure. To ascertain the skill level of a doctor, you can check out a facelift review for the facility he/she works at.

Through the review, you can check out facelift before and after images, which depict the results of the procedure and enable you to make up your mind. All things considered, there is little doubt that Johor Bahru is a great destination if you are worried about facelift cost. Get a

facelift in a Johor clinic

at a lower price but without sacrificing quality or safety.

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