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Tijuana clinics are an affordable option for this procedure with several high quality medical centers staffed by highly qualified and experienced doctors. This surgery is available at a fraction of the price you would pay in an advanced country, so you save dollars on your out of pocket expenses.

What happens during breast lift surgery?

Your breasts are reconstructed and lifted so that the sagging is eliminated. However, if you have suffered volume lost in your breasts or your breasts are small to start with, you may consider breast lift along with implants to replace the lost volume. The breast lift surgery will reduce the size of your breasts somewhat in order to lift them.

For women who have larger breasts, the surgery will help address this problem as it will reduce the size somewhat. If you want major reconstruction, then you may require breast reduction surgery. When you see breast lift reviews, Tijuana has a good rating.

Good quality plastic surgery at top clinics in Tijuana

When you go to a foreign country for any plastic surgery, you have to make sure that the facilities are of an international standard and that the doctors are credentialed professionals. When you book via Medical Departures, you are assured of these aspects. What’s more, we also give the best price guarantee, so you save even more. You can have a breast lift in Tijuana at any of these MD verified clinics:


Ricardo Vega Montiel - Dr. Vega has his own clinic. He is highly experienced in all kinds of plastic surgeries, particularly boob jobs and is an experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Advanced Health Medical Center – this is a JCI accredited clinic so meets the high standards set by this organization. It is also close to the border, so easier to access if you are going by road.

Molding Clinic Cosmetic Surgery Center –Dr. Jose Martinez who heads the clinic is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Society of Breast Surgeons . He has top credentials and is highly adept at breast lift and breast surgeries.

You can select any one of these clinics for your breast lift surgery.

How much do you save by having breast lift in Tijuana?

In a developed country breast lift surgery will cost you an average of US$11,000 (AUD13,884, NZD15,375, £8,541, €9,259, CAD13,790). If you want to save dollars to the extent of 63%, you can go to Tijuana and pay an average of US$4,000 (AUD4,964, NZD5,425, £2,954, €3,334, CAD4,902) for similar surgery. You also get to have a holiday in this attractive tourist destination and when you include other expenses as well, you still save substantially.

Book via Medical Departures for your breast lift in Tijuana and you can get rid of your push-up bras because you will have a natural cleavage. Without the surgery, your breasts will continue to go south thanks to the inevitable effects of aging and gravity.

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