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Years ago, Malaysia recognized that medical tourism could be a very promising and lucrative part of its overall tourism industry. The numbers of people seeking treatment in Malaysia has continued to grow, and Penang is now the destination for more than half of these healthcare travelers. Hospitals and healthcare facilities in Penang offer a wide array of procedures and services for medical travelers, amongst the most popular being breast revision. Medical tourism in Penang is one the fastest emerging destinations catering for health travelers from all around the world.

Penang draws medical tourists from other Asian countries, particularly Indonesia, and also Bangladesh and Pakistan, whilst patients from richer Asian countries like Singapore and Japan , visit Penang due to the lower prices of medical procedures. Australians and people from the European Union are also attracted to the lower cost of treatment in Penang, whilst Middle Eastern patients visit Penang for both the price and the quality of healthcare provided.

There are many varied reasons why medical tourism in Penang is on the up:

Medical facilities

State-of-the art medical, healthcare and diagnostic facilities. The majority of hospitals offering services to medical tourists are privately owned institutions which have invested heavily to gear themselves up to cater for medical tourism. All Medical Departures certified doctors and clinics are pre-screened, and two Penang clinics that we endorse, offering breast revision procedures, are:

Leh Clinic

Using minimally-invasive techniques and effective beauty aesthetic procedures and treatments with little or no downtime, Leh Clinic helps patients to return quickly to their everyday lives with virtually no side-effects.

Klinik Loh Surgery

Dr. Loh Lay Soon, the founder of Klinik Loh, studied cosmetic and laser surgery and medicine in the USA, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Singapore. He has specialized in cosmetic and laser treatments for over 25 years.

Click on this link to see: breast revision before and after pictures Penang .


Competitive prices for medical procedures and treatments.

For example, breast revision treatment in Penang can cost as little as:

AU$6,324 (NZD6,600, £3,716, €4,232, US$4,814, CAD6,303).

Compared with the cost of the same treatment in western countries of an average of:

AU$16,500 (NZD17,222, £9,693, €11,042, US$12,559,CAD16,447).


English-speaking, highly trained and qualified medical specialists and staff. Doctors and staff practicing at international hospitals in Penang are internationally trained, many in the UK, USA or Australia, and some are involved in international medical research.

Quality standards

Strict adherence to internationally recognized quality medical standards. All of Penang’s private hospitals and clinics are accredited locally by the Malaysian Medical Society for Quality of Health (MSQH) and are licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. Most of these hospitals are accredited by international bodies including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Joint Commissions International (JCI), the international standard for quality assurance, thus on a par with medical institutions in western countries.

Tourism infrastructure

Affordable accommodation and an attractive tourism destination, suitable for post-surgery recovery. Nicknamed the Pearl of the Orient, Pulau Pinang (the “Isle of the Betel Nut”) is a world-renowned exotic holiday destination, a fascinating fusion of the East and West.

It is famous for its soft sandy beaches, and many regard it as the food capital of Malaysia.

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