Shattering Common Myths About Traveling to Koh Samui for Botox


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Botox helps enhance your appearance, which boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Plus, you can get rid of the signs of premature aging. So it’s true that it is worth your while to get botox. Koh Samui, Thailand, offers some amazingly affordable botox solutions. In Australia and New Zealand, the average botox cost at the leading botox clinics is AUD $20 (NZD $21) per unit. As compared to this, you only have to spend around AUD $12 (NZD $12.6) per unit in Koh Samui.

You may wonder that with the low botox cost in Samui, why aren’t more people traveling there to undergo the procedure. Although there are thousands of people who get botox and other treatments in Thailand to save money, many are still sitting on the fence. The foremost reason for this is that there are many myths about botox in Koh Samui doing the rounds. A majority of these misconceptions stem from people’s misunderstanding of the growing medical tourism market. Here, we will debunk some of the most common myths:

“Low Botox Price Means Compromising on Quality”

The first thing that comes to mind when you read that you can get botox treatments for 40% less per unit in Koh Samui as compared to at home, you might feel that you have to compromise on quality and put your health and safety at risk. This is not the case at all. The best botox clinics down there, including the Issara Clinic and the Rajdhevee Clinic have a solid reputation. They employed qualified and experienced medical personnel. Plus, they have equipment and technology that is state of the art.


The reason why facilities like the Rajdhevee Clinic and the Issara Clinic offer botox at low prices is that the cost of running a botox clinic is much lower in Thailand than in countries like Australia and New Zealand. So the even the best clinics for botox in Koh Samui are able to offer amazing prices.

“You Are Going In Blind”

Today, a majority of medical facilities in Koh Samui have a strong online presence. They share all the information you could need to make an informed decision about opting for botox. Review our website for information on Botox in Thailand - It’s an amazing portal for medical tourists. Here you will not only find price listings but also botox before and after images. You can see the impact the procedure has had on past patients. Plus, through botox before and after images, you get a visual depiction of the end results. This will help you make up your mind about botox. Review all the clinics you can find in Koh Samui on this portal.

“Koh Sumai has a Poor Infrastructure”

With the rise in demand for medical tourism, the leading destinations have ramped up the development of their medical infrastructure. The same holds true for Koh Samui. The facilities there are geared towards catering to international patients, and this is why they have developed their infrastructure accordingly. The technology, medical personnel, and facilities are at par with the clinics in Australia and New Zealand.

To conclude, it won’t be wrong to say that Koh Samui is the perfect destination for getting botox. Koh Samui offers you the procedure at a price that is much lower than at home but without having to compromise on quality.

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