Breast Enlargement Surgery Price in Guadalajara is Surprisingly Low


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Many women in the US and Canada are seeking solutions to increase the size of their breasts. Exercise can help, but only to a certain extent. Having small breasts can lead to body image issues and can cause low self-esteem. You can conveniently opt for breast enlargement surgery locally, but the price might be beyond your pocket. In comparison, the breast enlargement surgery price Guadalajara offers is considerably lower. This does involve travelling to Mexico for an elective procedure, but there are many reasons to go for it.

Not least, the average cost of breast enlargement in the US and Canada is around USD $11,500 (CAD $13,440). You might have to take on some debt in order to cover the cost of the treatment. On the other hand, the price for breast enlargement surgery in Guadalajara is less than 50% of what you have to spend back home. The average cost of the procedure there is around just USD $4,300 (CAD $5,362).

As you can see, there is a significant different between the cost of breast enlargement surgery in the US and Canada and Guadalajara, Mexico. You can save thousands of dollars, thanks to the low breast enlargement surgery price Guadalajara offers. Even after adding the cost of travelling and accommodation, you will save money. This is all the more reason for you to consider the option to travel across the border for the procedure, even if you feel it is too much hassle.

How to Choose a Clinic

The only catch is that you have to pick the right clinic to undergone the treatment in Guadalajara. The first point of elimination is the availability of online reviews. You should ignore any clinic that doesn’t share even a single breast enlargement review. Guadalajara is home to a number of world-class clinics that offer breast enlargement surgery. You can afford to be a bit selective when picking a clinic. Make sure to check out before and after images. These are crucial for judging the skills of the breast enlargement professionals and also set realistic expectations from the procedure.

This is why online reviews are crucial. Plus, you will also find pricing information. To make things easier for you, here is an overview of the breast enlargement surgery price at the top clinics in Guadalajara:

  • Jenny Bracamontes Blanco : USD $3,668 (CAD $4,574)

You can pick a clinic from this list and get breast enlargement surgery in a safe and comfortable environment.

Enjoy a Little Getaway

As you can save money on breast enlargement surgery by travelling to Mexico, you can spend your savings on a mini vacation. You have to spend time recovering from the procedure and it is the perfect opportunity to take a break from your daily life. Guadalajara has many colonial plazas and landmarks that you can check out.

The bottom-line is that the breast enlargement surgery price Guadalajara offers is considerably lower than in the US and Canada. It’s certainly worth the trip.

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