The Gleneagles Hospital in Penang Reviewed


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Among medical tourism destinations across the globe, Malaysia has become quite popular in the last few years. Tourists, especially from Australia and New Zealand not only find healthcare in Malaysia affordable, but in the last couple of years, the Malaysian medical infrastructure has developed significantly, especially after the creation of the Malaysian Healthcare Tourism Council. After reading this Gleneagles review, Penang will certainly be on your short list of medical tourism cities you’re considering.

Gleneagles Hospital Review: Penang Medical Tourism at its Best

Gleneagles Hospital is located at Jalan Pangkor, George Town, Penang, 10050. Cultures come together at Georgetown, which adds to the attraction of the beautiful Penang state. And with the finest medical facilities, Penang becomes an ideal destination for medical tourists.

The hospital has grown by leaps and bounds in the last four decades, and is one of the long-standing medical facilities in Malaysia. It started back in 1973, and today is one of best hospitals with state-of-the-art operating facilities and, not to mention, free parking spaces for 600 cars.

At Gleneagles Hospital, you can find a range of world-class medical services. Here’s another reason why medical tourism is so popular in Malaysia, namely, the availability of specialized treatments.


This is only possible because the Gleneagles Hospital in Penang has doctors and surgeons that are skilled and experienced in different areas. Examples include Dr. Mohana Rao (orthopedics), Dr. Lim Lay Hooi (plastic surgery), Dr. Ong Mei Lin (interventional cardiology), Dr. Simon Lo (interventional cardiology), and Dr. Neoh Eu Bryan (anesthesiology).

Studying in the best institutes of Malaysia and even abroad, these doctors are committed to bring you the highest standards of medical care. On a side note, all of these doctors are fluent in English. This especially helps during consultation, especially when you are going for plastic surgery and need specific results. It is also a good idea to look at Gleneagles Hospital (Penang) before and after pictures when planning to get plastic surgery.

Gleneagles Hospital (Penang) Cost


Medical tourists can expect to save 50% to 75% on any major procedure at this hospital. The average cost of hip replacement in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $21,108 and NZD $22,549 respectively, but at Gleneagles, you can get the same surgery for AUD $10635-$13674 and NZD $11410-$14671. Knee replacement costs AUD $46395 and NZD $49775 in Australia and New Zealand, but here it costs AUD $10,635-$14586 and NZD $15649.

Other treatments and their prices are as follows:

  • Medical check-up package: AUD $144-260 and NZD $155-$279

  • Angioplasty: AUD $5166-$9724 and NZD $5542-$10433

  • Coronary Angiography: AUD $912-1216 and NZD $978-$1304

  • Coronary Stent: AUD $5166-$9724 and NZD $5542-$10433

  • Valvuloplasty: AUD $10635-$15194 and NZD $11,410-$16301

  • Mastectomy: AUD $6078 and NZD $6521

  • Cataract surgery: AUD $1519-$3647 and NZD $1630-3912

Rest assured that the prices are not low because the quality of medical services in Malaysia are inferior. It’s the low cost of operating a medical facility that keeps the costs down. Hope you benefit from this Gleneagles Hospital review, Penang awaits you, along with thousands of other medical tourists!