The Top 6 Eyelid Surgery Clinics in Malaysia


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Eyelid surgery can be expensive. In Australia and New Zealand, the average cost of the surgery is AUD $8,003 (NZD $8,631). Hence, you have to look beyond the borders if you want to find affordable eyelid surgery clinics. Malaysia is home to a number of world-class eyelid clinics that offer the procedure at low rates.

Over the years, Malaysia has become one of the leading medical tourism destinations. As a result, a number of facilities charge a low eyelid surgery price as compared to the amount you have to spend Down Under. The great thing is that these clinics have state-of-the-art equipment and highly experienced eyelid surgeons and yet they keep prices low since it costs much less to run a clinic there than in Australia or New Zealand. To help you make an informed decision, here’s a look at the top 6 eyelid surgery clinics in Malaysia:

  1. Clinic RX

This facility is located in Kuala Lumpur. You can select from a wide range of cosmetic treatments at low prices, including eyelid surgery. Review the price for the procedure and you will get a clear idea of the savings you can enjoy. At Clinic RX, the cost of eyelid surgery starts from just AUD $606 (NZD $653).


  1. Arc Clinic

This facility is located in Petaling Jaya, and caters primarily to patients from abroad. The clinic received licensure from the Ministry of Health, ensuring it adheres to the highest standards of care and treatment. The eyelid surgery price at Arc Clinic is AUD $1,503 (NZD $1,621).

  1. Optimax Eye Specialist

Having been in business for over two decades, this facility is definitely near the top of the list of the best eyelid surgery clinics in the region. Despite their glowing reputation, Optimax Eye Specialist only charges AUD $1,094 (NZD $1,180) for eyelid surgery.

  1. DaVinci Clinic

This clinic is also located in Kuala Lumpur and offers a number of cosmetic procedures, including eyelid surgery. Review their range of treatments, which include nose job and cell therapy, and you can opt for multiple procedures. The cost of eyelid surgery at DaVinci Clinic starts from AUD $1,103 (NZD $1,190).

  1. Gem Clinic

This facility prioritizes patients from other countries, a lot of whom are from Australia and New Zealand. With experienced eyelid surgeons and cutting-edge medical technology at their disposal, Gem Clinic offers safe and quick eyelid surgery. They guarantee quick recovery as well. You can easily find online reviews, complete with eyelid surgery before and after images, for this facility.

  1. Amandrey Clinic

Last, but definitely not the least, this facility rounds up our list of the top eyelid surgery clinics in Malaysia. The cost of eyelid surgery at the Amandrey Clinic starts from AUD $1,016 (NZD $1,096). You can check out reviews of the facility that include eyelid surgery before and after images. This way, you can be sure about your decision and more confident as you travel.

So, there you have it, a list of Malaysia’s top 6 eyelid surgery clinics. Malaysia offers the procedure at low prices so you should definitely consider traveling there for your eyelid surgery.

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